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Status Updates [Poll]

Knight of Iron

What kind of status updates do you like to see?  

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  1. 1. What kind of status updates do you like to see?

    • Reputation updates ("Bow before me, I am a Shardbearer now!" or "Look at that 1,234 rep!"
    • General life updates ("I've got a new dog!" or "I'm going to be gone for a few days.")
    • Post number updates ("1,000 posts, I guess," or "Look at that, 1,234 posts!")
    • Very few words ("I will go eat hot dogs," or "This day sucks.")
    • Rants ("Lately I've been feeling..." or "Did you know, the Mongols...")
    • Shardiversaries (To celebreate the anniversary of the day one joins the Shard.)
    • Random quotes or jokes ("What do you get when you cross...?" or "Today my brother said to me...")
    • Sharing of original content ("Read this thing I wrote?" or "I've made this drawing...")
    • Announcement of new threads ("Check out this poll I made!" or "Anyone want to join my new RP?")
    • Reading updates ("Finished RoW!" or "Started reading Reckoners!")
    • Notification amounts ("Look, a million notifications!" or "Was gone for twelve years, still no notifications?")
    • Profile picture updates ("Check out this new pfp!")
    • Holiday wishings ("Happy Halloween!")
    • The most random things ("ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" or "Click this totally not a rick-roll link!")
    • All of the above! (And below, if I add more based on comments below.)

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I considered putting this in 17th Shard Discussion, but I am frightened to discuss non-technical site-related things there.

So, status updates. When we follow people, we are aware that more of these may now appear in your notifications. If you reply to one and get unlucky, your notification box might get flooded with the Shard telling you every single other person who commented after you, and if you're really unlucky, two Sharders will choose to have a super long conversation in the replies of one! Oh, how quickly the joy fades from my twenty-one notifications when all are simply... "[Sharder] has replied to a status update."

Intro aside, what kind of things do you prefer in status updates? You can select multiple options, and feel free to discuss if you like. Do you find some annoying, or too often, or something else?

And if I missed a type of update, let me know!

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I find that some of these options can vary by what's there, but for the most part I just like them to have some effort, like with most all content on here. Sometimes if I only have a couple things to say I'll save them up and put them all in one because I don't want to notify people for something too small. That's also super subjective though :lol: 

I am a little surprised people don't seem to like rep updates as much; I've always found it fun to try and write something that goes with the gimmick of what I've become, a little snippet of writing or themed meming or such. But then not everyone does it that way, and I can definitely see "I'm [x] now" on its own getting old. 

This is cool data to have, thanks Knight! 

(It's also okay if you want it in 17S Discussion - if you want I can move it there, or you can leave it here, whatever you'd prefer :D) 

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I like rep updates, heck we had a short RP on it! :P

I just can't resist a screenshot when the numbers (on rep or post count) align into palindromes and such, very satisfying

Rant posts, done em

Long personal updates or just accidental chat thread on status updates... guilty

I try to wish people I've chatted with a bit Happy Birthday if I can

It's all fun, I'd say, just have fun, you don't need to impress anyone! Don't get the social media fever! (Well, feel free to feel smug about a good rep count, that's just human and it's fun!)

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