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Void binding


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When the fused are given forms of power and have access to surges at first I assumed it was void binding. Especially because the fused didn't have access to adhesion as it is 'Honors Truest Surge". Recently however, I've stumbled upon things that have said we haven't seen void binding yet. If that's true it makes me wonder if Rayse was so enamored with surge binding that he mimicked it and created something of his own (void binding). It's said that perhaps Renarin demonstrates a little of void binding with his ability to see the future as he's bonded to a corrupted spren. A lot of the "Voidish" things I've seen seem superstitions and so I'm skeptical. Are there any theories out there as to what Void binding was/is?

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17 hours ago, Invocation said:

There are...so many theories. I'll link Frustration's theory, because it's fun to read, but that's one of many. 3 pages worth.


Wow, I think that thought of Voidbinding being negative end that steals power from Surgebinding is intriguing. It would explain how humans may have decimated Ashyn by using it. Tons of info there, thanks for the link!!

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