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Yet another Radiant Quiz


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Due in part to boredom and indecisiveness I googled knight radiant quiz and found one I hadn't seen before. Figured I would link it here and let people take and discuss it if they wish. While I'm well aware finding one's order is not nearly as much of a struggle for others as it is me. Thought it could lead to fun discussions. Link is below enjoy.


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Windrunner was my result, though I saw a lot I could empathize with for 3 or 4 orders in the creator's descriptions. Admittedly the offical quiz has baffled me to no end. I have taken just about every radiant quiz there is but this one and the offical quiz are a struggle in part because mood affects them so much.
In the surgebinder within Truthwatcher was my top one (windrunner beneath that)
Playbuzz one I got windrunner as my top one
The official quiz put me in lightweaver (and when a friend who doesn't know the cosmere took it thinking of me, Elsecaller).
In short, I am perplexed and annoyed at myself. 

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