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Questions in an Ice Cream Shop


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So after my first listen to Lux a lot of things didn't make sense.  Feel free to add questions of your own or answer mine.  Even though I finished scratching my head, I liked the book. Here's what I would ask while enjoying some sherbert with Jax and crew.

1) How do Lifeforce's powers work? How can he gift to epics? Does each raven have their own cell block of prisoners?  Deathrise injection?

2) Why is anyone afraid of Lifeforce and Languish? David could have killed them both before breakfast.  

3) Does Wingflare ever get a break to pee?  Has she ever considered just watching ninja warrior? 

4) Are the boomerang watches the real sinister immortal?

5) What happened to the whole reversing epic powers thread is that going anywhere or....

6) Does Paige have the epic ability to make everyone trust her? 

7) How did the reckoners hide out in Lux for weeks without anyone finding them?

8) What is life like in Lux? Who thinks a ferris wheel belongs in Utopia? Is Disturbia the national anthem?  Are the people allowed to pee off the edge?

9) Does Paige have Lovestruck's silver ring, is she her daughter? sister?

10) What happened to the Californian guy? Does he live in a hotel.


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A few answers to your questions:



2) People on the ground seem to have no real idea what Lux is. They only hear of raids on cities or the El Paso epic attack. Most people likely fear Lux based on that reputation alone. Or they believe the propaganda that it is a paradise. For those who actually know of Lifeforce, they probably believe he heals himself (rather than needing to use others to heal). I could see how you would be afraid of an epic that you don't think you can actually kill. 

7) At one point, the book says that over half the houses in Lux are unoccupied. Ravens also don't patrol the residential housing. It doesn't seem like Lux is really equipped to easily track people inside it, likely because there is little if any crime. The people of Lux seem to be given whatever they need. 

9) Paige's ring isn't Lovestruck's. Before going to Lux, Abigail had rings made for the Reckoner group. Hershel distributed them after Abigail's death, so Paige got one of the rings meant for either Abigail or Brigin. 

10) They left him hanging 3/4 of the way down one of the ladder's up to Lux and we never heard from him again. I believe the group realized he might die, but said if he was strong he would climb back up. I assume since we didn't hear about his death, he will return in a future book, but they could also just say he died if they don't want to use him again. 



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