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Hello from the Cosmere!

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Hey everyone! It’s been so great meeting some of you at JordanCon 2021! Got introduced to Sanderson through Mistborn a few years ago and then read Elantris, Warbreaker, Emperor’s Soul, the Rithmatist, Stormlight, etc… and have been hooked ever since. I hear music in colors, love to compose music, my order is 100000% a Lightweaver (even though I wouldn’t admit they to myself at first), my favorite character is Sigzil and if there ever was a live adaptation of the Stormlight Archives my dream would be to portray Sigzil. Not sure how this site works yet but hope to learn in the coming future 

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Hi RedLightweaver and welcome to the shard! :)

Don't worry too much about figuring out this site. You're doing great! Just read what interests you and write what you want to write about. Nothing more to it. ^_^

So, hope you enjoyed JordanCon! Oh wait, it's still going... so keep enjoying it and we'll see you around here! 

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