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Theory about the unmade and the champions duel.


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Hi. New member. 1st post. Sorry if this topic has been addressed a lot previously but I had a random idea I wanted to share.


I already see 1 hole in my idea in that I don't see why my champion idea would need shardplate. But my theory however outlandish it may seem is that Odiums champion is either a culmination of the Unmade. Think Adolnasium. Rayse would have been there at the shattering and would have a strong knowledge of the way things work in the cosmere. Adolnasium was splintered into 16 shards each representing a different trait or ideal or whatever. So what if the 9 unmade used to be 1 being or 1 spren that Odium "unmade" into the 9 splinters each with their own separate attribute that the being has as a whole. That would be the 9 shadows. Odium could remake them? Alternatively it could be a 10th unmade that's more intelligent and stays kind of behind the scenes. 


Like I said, kind of out there but anyone think it may have merit?

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Welcome! Having a willing Unmade be the Champion would surely be unique and a very interesting solution, but it may not be the best choice now. Spren can die, and I doubt even an Unmade is immune to that. (Although getting enough Anti-Voidlight before or during the Contest may prove to be difficult.) Add to that the lack of moral, philsophical, or thematic resonance, and it doesn't feel like a viable solution to me. But I love the idea! I can also easily see Taravangian claiming that the "Contest is still on" after the Unmade (or Remade, or whatever) is captured in a Perfect Gemstone, and using the time needed to gather Anti-Voidlight to destroy the Unmade to work on his next plan. 

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