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Why does Mraize have no Amberite

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The Ghostbloods know Aethers and have access to live Aethers. I am afraid that conclusion is pretty much inevitable since Oathbringer. Yes, it is theoretically possible that they bought that piece of Amberite in a dead state from a middle man. But then it would really require a pretty big implausibility for that piece to turn up in a cellar of a house in the middle of an extremely provincial place on Roshar.

So why are we told that Mraize has no Aether? I am afraid we need to rule out rank. He has an Aviar and a Seon.
That leaves an intriguing possibility. He has no Amberite Aether because he is carrying an incompatible Aether. I cannot help myself but think that for an organisation so active as worldhoppers Verdant and Corpates would be extremely valuable. So valuable that they would leave Amberite for specialised paramilitaries among their ranks.

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Per the RoW Ars Arcanum, it's entirely possible that there's some trick to manipulating Aethers and Mraize is simply incapable of it due to a lack of Connection or what have you. Even if he can't use it, an Aether is something from another world and shows off Mraize's worldhopping credentials so it's a worthy display piece. I mean, he can't do anything with a braid of the Royal Locks either but he's got that in his collection, if the flower is one of the Tears of Edgli it's probably not directly useful either and if those 'hairpins' are hemalurgic spikes then they're almost guaranteed to be decayed to the point of uselessness for anything except giving Harmony an opening to commune with you. In other words, not everything Mraize shows off needs to be useful to him as a tool in the way that the jar of Taldaini sand is.

That said, I definitely agree that if the Ghostbloods do have the means to use Aethers themselves, they'd want to give people Amberite. I didn't consider the possibility that he's already got some other Aether, which is entirely possible. Since you can only have one of the 'base' Aethers it doesn't even need to be incompatible in the way that you had two opposing sets in AoN (which may not be Cosmere canon), any other Aether would do.

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