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Frost’s new found immortality

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Closing up the bar on my phone and this thought occurred to me: Hoid, in the epigraphs of Stormlight, asks Frost how he’s enjoying his new found immortality. This is odd because we know from wobs that dragons by nature are functionally immortal. I propose that Frost was in possession of the Dawnshard opposite from hoid’s. Perhaps even the Change Dawnshard, which was somehow counteracting his natural immortality. So he gives up said Dawnshard which causes Hoid to congratulate him on no longer aging. 

This is also kinda backed up by the fact that the only people who were involved with the shattering that we are aware of became Dawnshards or Shards and we know Frost was involved. And we know that whatever Dawnshard Hoid had made him immortal amongst other things. 

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6 hours ago, Honorless said:

A Dawnshard taking away immortality instead of bestowing it would be an interesting & hilarious twist

The only issue I see with it is that Dawnshards appear to be enough investiture to grant immortality by nature. Maybe Frost picked up a shard. And dragons do age but hella slowly. 

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