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So for my English class I can build an event or setting from a book I have read as a project. I can’t decide what I want to do though. It can’t be overly complicated as I need to have it done in a week. I’ve had a few ideas, but didn’t really like them that much. Any suggestions?

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Kelsier and Hoid meeting in the Cognitive Realm:image.thumb.jpg.3c4f3698d2c82fed6844244ef14fdf5c.jpg

Instructions on how to do it.


roasting pan

cover for pan

incense sticks


small plastic container

jello mix

puck light

popsicle stick




3 small male figurines (Pollys are about the right size)


thin washable marker


perforate the cover of the pan.

put incense sticks inside the pan.

make jello

tape the plastic container to the pucklight.

put jello in the plastic container. Cover.

Break off a cm to a half inch of the popsicle stick. Glue it to the toothpick.

Tape the ‘oar’ to Hoid’s hand.

Tape Hoid to Spanky.

draw scars on Kelsier’s arms.

light the incense sticks.

cover the roasting pan. The smoke should come out creating ‘mist’.

Scatter the pebbles on top of the pan cover.

Put the Well on one side of the lid. Turn on the light then remove the container cover.

Put Kelsier in the Well.

Put Hoid and Spanky on the pebbles near the Well.

This shouldn’t take more than an hour to do at max, including shopping time. Most of this stuff can be found at a local grocery/convenience store, if you don’t already have them in your house.

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With some clay you probably could make a decent shattered plains. Maybe some war camps and a chasm fiend. I don't have any specific instructions (and I myself am horrible at hands on school projects) but that's an idea.

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