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Enter another Stormlight fan

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Why hello, I just made my account today. I have read the entire Stormlight Archive, having just finished Rhythm of War today. I'm also about halfway through The Final Empire and a few chapters into Warbreaker. I've come to the 17th Shard because I kept trying to tell my brother, who is also reading the Stormlight Archive, how cool the events I've read are and accidentally spoiling. So I needed a place to discuss the cosmere in a way that won't end with my bro y er attuning Violence and whooping my butt. As for my name, I have combined the name of my DnD character with the order I've gotten every time I've taken the Radiant Quiz.

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2 minutes ago, Not an Ookla said:

Welcome to the Shard! Who's your least favorite character?

Moash. At least Taravangian feels sorry for what he's done, but Moash literally tries to become devoid of feeling and then get Kaladin to do it too. Plus the obvious of his actions in RoW.

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