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*Hums to the Rhythm of Purple* "Oh hi!"

Rhythm Of Purple

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Hello! Short-time lurker here who was finally peer-pressured into making an account! (You know who you are...)

Uhhh... My one defining feature is that I really like purple.

Yeah, you pretty much know the depths of my soul now.


So excited to finally have a place on the shard! When do I go on a fool's errand to capture Hoid?


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1 hour ago, GoWibble said:

Welcome to the Shard!

What's your favorite cosmere magic system and why?

What's your favorite non-cosmere (nonSanderson for extra credit) magic system and why?

The invested arts of course!! :D

As for non-cosmere, Kate Milford's roaming is so unique!! It's got a special style/prose that I just LOVE.

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On 2/24/2021 at 6:36 PM, Knight of Iron said:

Welcome welcome welcome to the Shard!

Got a single favorite character?

You again! Hello!!

*recalls to the time he spent far too much time thinking this question over.*

*Brain explodes.*

...Just gonna go with Mem and move on. =D

19 hours ago, Aspiring Writer said:

You, my intelligent friend, have taste and know culture. May Purple rule all colors!

(What in the cosmere would you most want to turn purple or have as purple?)

Nightblood. No question.

I just have this image in my mind of Szeth waving around a bright purple Nightblood.

14 hours ago, GoWibble said:

The Greenglass house series? *adding it to my tbr*


Really though, I hope you enjoy it! Greenglass House is more of a fireplace read than a fantasy novel read (still absolutely brilliant though, of course.) In terms of raw fantasy I'd probably recommend The Broken Lands.

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14 hours ago, Rhythm Of Purple said:


This is exactly how I feel about getting people to read Cosmere :D

*Adding The Broken Lands to tbr*

I just read The Bartimaeus Trilogy, and I feel like that would qualify as more of a "fireplace novel" than cosmere, and I really liked it, so thank you! 

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