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What is the Title


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Brandon Sanderson

In fact the original draft that I submitted to my writing group didn't yet have that scene where he go-goes. I was like "I'll get around to it eventually." They almost revolted. They're like, "WHAT? He's still alive?" I was like "No no. He will go-go. I just have to find the right way to write the scene." So they didn't actually get to read that scene with El and [Lezian].


Definitely one of those Brandon ending scenes that are just like "Wow there's some weird stuff going on here."


So many new questions.

Brandon Sanderson

All these weird Fused who've been around way too long. The guy [El] that they gave his name [Vyre] to Moash.

Is this confirmation that the One With No Title actual title is he who quiets and not Voice of Lights
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