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White Sand vs Sixth of the Dusk


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Is the White Sand comic series related to the Sixth of the Dusk novelette?  And if so, which one should I read first?  This website's article for shards (at https://coppermind.net/wiki/Shard ) says that they both relate to the shard Autonomy, which is on the planet Taldain.  But the short story collection Arcanum Unbounded has an introduction for Sixth of the Dusk, and it seems to imply it takes place on the planet Drominad, rather than Taldain.

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They are related in a way. They are not directly connected though. You can read either one first.

The reason it says autonomy is related to Sixth of the Dusk is because autonomy had/has a presence or effect on first of the sun (The planet within the drominad system which Sixth of the Dusk takes place.) somehow, I do not believe we know how yet but I may be mistaken.

hope that helps!

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Sixth of Dusk takes place on the planet "First of the Sun" in the Dominad solar system.  White Sands takes place on Taldain, the only planet in the Taldain System.  The connections between the two are pretty vauge and on the level of most of the tenuous connective tissue in the Cosmere, and I believe were actually revealed in later WOB's rather than in the text itself.  You wont need to have read either one to follow and/or appreciate the other, and honestly you'd probably have to read both a 2nd time (plus Arcanum unbound and a lot of WOB's) to dig into the connections.

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All connections are extremely behind-the-scenes and not evident at all in the stories themselves. You could read those two without any additional information and not even notice that they're part of the same continuity.

(Although I recommend reading the prose version of White Sand instead, because the graphic novels just aren't great, to the point that Brandon admits that himself. The prose version is avaiable for free over a link in the official Brandon Sanderson site's newletter.)

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