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Any Brandon Sanderson articles about writing out there?


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Hi! I'm new here, hope it's ok to ask this.

I've been meddling for a few years now with the idea of writing an epic fantasy novel. Brandon's works completely changed the way I look at the epic fantasy genre.

I've recently decided to take the idea more seriously and am watching a lot of Brandon's lectures on fantasy writing, and I was wondering if there are any articles he published about these subjects?
Something that I could read and not just listen?

Thanks in advance!

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8 hours ago, Frustration said:

he has a few Essays, Sandersons laws of magic in particular

Thanks, do you know where I can find those?


4 hours ago, Aspiring Writer said:

Look up Brandon Sanderson's lectures, there's a large playlist.

Thanks for the reply, as I said, I'm currently watching the lectures but am also looking for reading materials

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