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Hi everyone.

Just discovered your site and am already hooked. I started off with the Robert Jordan wheel of time books back in the mid 80's and was impressed with Brandon's involvement after RJ's demise.I am halfway through the mistborn trilogy at the moment and really enjoying them.

I'm a youngish 47 year old gas engineer from London uk, Married with a 14 year old son who's going on 50!!

Hope to join some of your discussions in the near future.

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I'm going to give you the standard warning about staying off the general theories board til you've finished all Brandon's adult orientated books because the General Theories board is chalk full of spoilers for any and all of Brandon's books. And stay off the boards for any books you haven't finished reading also.

Anyway welcome, I'm the resident crazy Canadian.

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you must be a time traveller! if your son is older than you and you started reading WoT in the 80's :D

and you're British? yay another Brit ... :blink: time travelling British guy, the Doctor? 0.o

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And that's pretty impressive that your 14 year old son will soon turn 50. That's a pretty awesome trick. wink.gif

He's storing age, obviously.

Anyways, welcome! I'm glad you made it here, and I hope you continue to enjoy it. ^__^ Also, have a cookie!


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