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Trying to find a quote...


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3 minutes ago, wingedoak said:

I'm almost certain it's said by Sazed in Hero of Ages.

The quote is about how God does not prevent all bad from happening but has to find a balance. That balance may not be where we want it to be, but does protect us from worse evils.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

It's not in Hero of Ages but Bands of Mourning, he says this to Wax

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"What is it to be God, Waxillium?" Harmony asked...

"You would have me intervene and stop the murders of innocents. I could do this. I have considered it. If I were to stop every one, what then? Do I stop maimings as well?"...

"And where do I hold back, Waxillium? Do I prevent all wounds, or do I prevent only those caused by evil people? Do I stop a man from falling asleep so that he will not tip a candle and burn down his house? Do I stop all harm that could ever befall a person?"...

"And once nobody is ever hurt," Harmony said, "will people be satisfied? Will they not pray to me and ask for more? Will some people still curse and spit at the sound of my name because they are poor while another is rich? Should I mitigate this, make everyone the same, Waxillium?"

"I won't be caught in this trap," Wax said. "You're the God, not me. You can find a line where You prevent the worst. You can find a line where You're stopping the worst that is reasonable, while still letting us live our lives."...

"Perhaps," Harmony said softly, "I have already done just as you suggest. You do not see it, because the worst never reaches you."

It's probably somewhere in here. 

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