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Barrier Storm = Oathpact Mechanism? [Discuss]

Child of Hodor

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There is a barrier storm around Braize in the Cognitive Realm. A piece of it was broken off and transported to Roshar and became known as the Everstorm. Per Rayse in RoW Ch. 112 the Fused used to return to Braize when killed, but now they return to the Everstorm instead.

Is this because the barrier storm is how Honor and the Heralds kept the Fused locked up on Braize? The Fused always returned to the Barrier Storm and still do, it's just Odium hijacked a piece of it (which is why it is red) and moved it to Roshar? 

The only thing Honor loves almost as much as an oath is a massive storm. When the Heralds and Honor made the Oathpact to deal with the Fused, it would fit his personality to be like “We’re gonna fix this with oaths and a giant storm! (and swords)”

Its like fly paper for the Fused: they are drawn to it and get stuck in it.

The Fused still return to the barrier storm when they die but they go to the closest piece of it on Roshar and unlike Braize there are Singers living in Roshar that they can steal.  It makes sense the storm is in the Cognitive Realm since the Fused are cognitive shadows without access to physical realm bodies on Braize.

This would be one reason why Tanavast and the Stormfather both know the name of the Everstorm as early as Way of Kings (or about 2,000 years before Way of Kings when Tanavast made the Visons). Tanavast made the Everstorm and even called it that because it was meant to be a means of forever locking the Fused up. He thought it would work forever because Tanavast couldn't imagine the Heralds breaking their word (OB Ch. 38). 

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I believe it's mentioned that the fused still go to Braize when they die. When Raboniel killed her daughter, she wanted contacts on Braize to confirm she never showed up.


But the Everstorm on Roshar acts as a pathway. The fused can travel from Braize to Roshar via the Everstorm. When before, it was just a single return. 

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17 hours ago, Bnaya said:

In chapter 116 the pursuer said "i was on braize for barely a day defore i felt the pull"

This.  Fused still return to Braize when killed.  Also, we've seen characters spend weeks in the Cognitive Realm in each of the past two books; the Highstorm is barely noticeable, and the Everstorm is never even mentioned that I recall.  But it makes sense that the Everstorm is related to Braize and the Oathpact somehow.

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