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The Unmade, again

Vessel of Theory

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Sorry for another thread about the Unmade, especially theory, because I know we have WAAAAAY too many of those lying around the Shard.

However, a passage in RoW got me thinking about them again, when I had solemnly vowed(okay, I hadn't) to stop with the outlandish Unmade theories. The passage I'm thinking of is when Raboniel is taking Urithiru, and "corrupting" the Sibling.

Here's the passage(I actually went back and found it! wow!): "You must move quickly, the Sibling repeated. The Lady of Pains has the Surge of Transformation and dangerous knowledge. She will infuse my entire heart - the pillar - in the proper order, using her Voidlight. In so doing, she would corrupt me and leave me... leave me as one of the Unmade..."(Chapter 42, pg 526 in full size hardcover version)

As I see it, this passage could mean any of several things. It could be that Unmade is simply an adjective or title for spren who have been turned from their original Connection. It could be that Re-Shephir's spren are Unmade, but not the Unmade, if you know what I'm saying. Or, it could mean that the Unmade are corrupted Bondsmith spren, like the Sibling. My final theory is that the Unmade are sapient(wise, typ. Radiant) spren of distinguishment.

Lemme know what y'all think!

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The Surge of Transformation deals with Identity. You take a stick and try to convince it to be a fire. You use Investiture to do the convincing. The bigger the change in Identity, the more Investiture it takes.

Unmaking the Sibling was taking a lot of Voidlight, using the foreign Investiture to "convince" the Sibling to change Identity to one more Connected to Odium.

Sja Anat seems to be the corrupted "goddess" of Identity.

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First off not all of the unmade are sapient some of them are just forces that just do. They are not all smart and sapient like a bond smith spren would be also from this WoB we know that historically there were never more than three bondsmiths which could mean there were more than three bondsmith spren but if there were twelve bondsmith spren wouldn’t it be likely that at least once there were more than three bondsmiths.


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