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  1. 1. Oathbringer 2. Words of Radiance (top 2 are basically interchangeable for me) 3. Way of Kings 4. Rhythm of War 5. Shadows of Self 6. Warbreaker 7. Hero of Ages 8. Yumi 9. Emperor’s Souls 10. The Final Empire
  2. I agree with a lot of this. While there are strategies an Allomancer can come up with to kill a Surgebinder, I think the base power of any Surgebinder is too hard to ignore. (imo stormlight healing is OP and basically ends the argument itself). Even the most powerful Allomancer with Atium can’t catch a Windrunner if they fly away, much less if they have living Shardplate on. I love seeing the creative ideas people come up with for how an Allomancer could win in a fight. Like I don’t think Shallan is going to beat Vin in a 1v1. But if we staged 100 random fights, I’d bet money on Radiants winning 75%+. And that’s assuming many Mistborn do have small amounts of Atium they can use. Atium could give Mistborn an advantage, but Stormlight healing is OP and could probably outlast it.
  3. In the scene with Hoid, Harmony and Wax in Alloy of Law, Harmony says something interesting to Wax. He's talking about the way humanity has progressed on Scadrial since his Ascension. “You don’t explore, Harmony continued, ignoring Wax’s confusion. Why would you? You have everything you want here. You’ve barely progressed technologically from what I gave you in the books. Yet others, who were nearly destroyed …” Could the "others, who were nearly destroyed" be a reference to mankind on Roshar? People that were nearly destroyed by Desolations, and then built up technology and civilization for thousands of years afterwards? Even if this is the case, it's really not much at all, but I thought it was an interesting idea.
  4. I disagree. A few years ago he directly confirmed that RoW's prologue would be from Navani's perspective, and book 5 would be Gavilar. So Brandon has spoiled future viewpoints in the past. However, I think the reason he RAFO'd this question is because he doesn't want to explicitly confirm anything that happens after the end of book 5. I fully believe that it will be from Hoid's perspective though. I completely and utterly disagree. The entire theme of the Stormlight Archive is about redemption and growth. "Journey before destination". What you do in the past doesn't define your future, and anyone can take the next step towards being a better person. Moash might be the best possible example of this at the current time in the series. If we're gonna sit here and accept Dalinar in spite of the monster he used to be, then we need to accept the idea that Moash is not irredeemable.
  5. Well damn there you go lol. I will say that Hoid talking to a Skaze doesn't imply that he would know exactly what it was. I stand by my theory. That's what I said... I'm theorizing that they could be anti-Investiture Splinters of Dominion. And if this were the case, then there's no way Brandon would hint at that being the case in previous WoBs. He has a long history of dodgy and misinterpreted WoBs in the past.
  6. I don't understand why you think Hoid wouldn't know more than Khriss? He has been alive since before the Shattering, knows each original Vessel personally, was previously a Dawnshard, and his been to every world that a book has taken place on, except Threnody (that we know of).
  7. I have no idea where that quote came from. I got it from this page https://stormlightarchive.fandom.com/wiki/Khriss#Sel Khriss says that anti-Investiture has been "long theorized". It isn't that she was unaware of the possibility, only that she didn't know how it could be made. If a group of people on Sel figured out how to do that, it makes complete sense that they would keep that knowledge hidden.
  8. Well Khriss is actually wrong about anti-Investiture in the Ars Arcanum. Gavilar had a sphere of it 7 whole years before RoW, but Khriss didn't know about it until after Navani figured out how to make it. From stormlightarchive.fandom.com: "She's begun to wonder if something greater is happening on Sel than they, at Silverlight University, have guessed. Something with origins lost in time. She believes that there is a link between entities known as seons and skaze and the puzzle of Sel's nature". So Khriss clearly doesn't fully understand what's happening on Sel, and she doesn't know how Seons and Skaze are linked. I guess it could be possible that Skaze are essentially anti-Seons too, based on this passage.
  9. So I recently bought the Elantris leather bound, and it turns out that Brandon released a two-page, bonus chapter for Elantirs' 10th anniversary that I never read... Reading this after Rhythm of War, something stands out to me. In the scene, Hoid is talking to a Skaze. Per a couple WoBs, Skaze are described as "evil Seons" and they are Splinters of Dominion. What caught my attention is the way it's described by Hoid. He says it's "a hovering dark sphere, about the size of a melon. It somehow sucked in the light, and didn't have distinct edges Hoid could make out--it just kind of blended out into the air, warping everything around it like a stone dropped onto a sheet of silk stretched tight. It was ringed with a pattern of misty symbols" In Rhythm of War, Navani describes the sphere of anti-Voidlight as, “Like the ordinary Voidlight sphere, its blackness expanded, making the surrounding air dim. But there was an added effect with this sphere, one she hadn’t noticed right away. It warped the air around it.” Both the Skaze and the anti-Voidlight are explicitly described as "warping" the air around it. Sel is also "the most realmatically knowledgeable of the known Shardworlds" (Coppermind). I think there are people on Sel that are not only aware of anti-Investiture, but have also figured out how to create anti-Investiture Splinters of Dominion, called Skaze.
  10. I feel like everything Moash has done since WoR is setting him up to be a more important character in the future. I hope Brandon doesn't kill him off to sate the "f moash" crowd.
  11. So I was listening to latest Shardcast episode, and someone, I believe Grace, made a very interesting observation about Moash. Brandon has said that the ending to The Stormlight Archive is hidden within the first two books. In both tWok and WoR, Hoid tells an interesting story. One of my favorite scenes in WoR is when Hoid tells a story to Shallan. He says, "Two blind men waited at the end of an era, contemplating beauty. They sat atop the world's highest cliff, overlooking the land and seeing nothing." Now this is certainly a stretch, but when Grace mentioned it, it really piqued my interest. There is also another story from Hoid, in the epilogue, but it's a little different. He says, "A blind man awaited the era of endings, contemplating the beauty of nature." The biggest difference in these two variations are "end of an era", and "era of endings". So, what if the first story is foreshadowing the literal end of Stormlight "era" 1, and the second story is foreshadowing the ending of the entire series? And if so, the fact that Moash is now blind becomes very considerable. Kaladin is basically the main character of the series so far (he has the highest word count by a large margin), and Moash is a crucial part of Kaladin's story. I find it to be plausible that Moash could be involved in the climax or very ending of book 5. In the epilogue, Hoid refers to himself as being "spiritually blind" as well. Each book so far has had an epilogue with Hoid as the pov character. The epilogue of book 5 could consist of Hoid and Moash sitting on a mountain, looking over the land and seeing nothing. Of course, this all hinges on the idea that Hoid's two stories are the previously mentioned "ending of the series" that Brandon has said exists in the first two books. It's quite a stretch, but a fun theory nonetheless. -Credit to Grace on Shardcast for sparking this idea.
  12. Exactly what I was thinking. *Imagines a spiked Dalinar with Bondsmith abilities working for Odium, conquering the Cosmere*
  13. I have also theorized that the Night of Sorrows will be the end of Roshar's continuous Stormlight supply. For one reason or another, I think either Highstorms will stop, or they will just stop producing Investiture, leaving Roshar in a sort of permanent darkness. My pet theory is that Dalinar will leave Roshar after losing the contest, and somehow take the Stormfather with him.
  14. Every anti-Investiture weapon we've seen so far hasn't resulted in explosions, so that argument doesn't really hold up. Also, as far as we know, anti-Investiture does destroy on all three realms. Considering that it literally destroys Investiture, I'd be inclined to believe that it does. Jezrien is dead. His body, mind, and spirit are gone.
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