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Metal category incorrectly updated


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So, I cross referenced the metal category page with the Steel Alphabet page and its sources, and the numbers are incorrect. It looks like it was just never updated properly when era 2 came out. It all seems right except the numbers. It placed atium as nine and malatium as ten, like is shown in the era one diagrams, and after that it just counts up by one with all the others. So the physical, mental, and enhancement quadrants have the right numbers, but nearly everything else is mistaken. I would have edited it myself, but I clicked the edit button and it was code. I have no idea how that works. It looks like it's actually just calling a file that's stored somewhere else, so I'm not even sure I can change the numbers from there. I switched around the order a bit, so now cadmium and bendalloy are between bronze and gold, with atium and malatium after duralumin, but all that did was move the rows around so it fit the era 2 diagram better. I didn't figure out how to actually change any of the information in it.

I already begged for help on the discussion page, (I still don't know if I did something wrong in the process) but it's only just now occurred to me that it might be a better idea to put it here. Hopefully someone who knows more will be able to fix it.

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This is a better place to discuss things than on a talk page, and there's nothing wrong just using this, but if you want faster responses you are better off using the Coppermind Discord server.

I myself am not expert on this particular subject and so I can't help you directly.

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Hey! Sorry, we were slow about responding to this; I suspect everyone's probably a little busy in their offline lives right now and we needed some time to make sure we didn't make mistakes in responding. @Chaos left a reply on the category talk page; the short of it is that we agree the steel alphabet page is more accurate and are thinking of just removing the table on the category page since it doesn't have sources, isn't as accurate, and it's also just kind of a weird thing for a category page to have. And yeah, the table on the category page is being brought in from a template elsewhere, which we should probably just delete when we get rid of the table. Anyways, thanks for pointing this out (you did exactly right!) and feel free to respond here or on that category talk page if you have any other comments.


Edit: Since King of Herdaz responded while I was typing, yeah, our Discord (or the #coppermind channel on the 17th Shard Discord) is also a great place for checking in on things and asking questions

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You beat me this time, King of Herdaz :)
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