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CBST - Christmas Edition!!

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Hello, all! Unless you have a character in the CBST thread, this isn't gonna be an RP you can really participate in, but anyone's welcome to watch this go down. I'm pretty stoked for this little experiment. 

Tomorrow Thanksgiving will be over and THAT means we can start celebrating Christmas!!! (although I confess I've had my little tree in my room for about a week up to this point :ph34r:) I was thinking about CBST - as I've proven myself prone to do - and I realized that Heather is the only one who knows about Christmas and, well, that just cannot stand. This will be in an AU set in the future. The future so that Sophie and Granite can join in and Star and Pheonix can be a fully functioning couple, and an AU so that Ember can be around. Because, let's be real, a CBST Christmas would feel so wrong without Ember getting to see snow and freak out like a kid in a candy store. And no Phar awkwardness for this holiday. Granite would be trying waaaaaay too hard to get his mother and Pheo under the mistletoe and while I think would enjoy that, I don't want Xino to freak out; this should just be fun and honestly more for us than the characters. I wish we could all be together for the holidays and while we can't, our characters definitely can! 

I know this is probably going to be cheesy - I mean, c'mon, it's a cliche Christmas special, what do you expect? - but I really hope that we can just laugh at ourselves and enjoy it. I've been missing the plot on the main CBST thread, but I know that there's kinda been some pressure in that realm. The timelines with Sophie/Granite/Michael/Max and Star/Heather/Ember/Pheo need to be fixed up, Shadow hasn't been able to be here are regularly, Jay's got all sorts of school stuff to do, and I know Xino has a lot of hard stuff to write. I don't want there to be any pressure at all here though. Y'all, COVID sucks and I hope that the holidays can maybe relieve a little bit of that awfulness. ^_^ Anyway, I'll leave it up to Shadow to start, But I think I'll kick it off on Monday if she can't be here. I'M SO EXCITED and I hope you are too! 

@Ookla the Reserved @Jaywalk @BringerofShadows

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Okay, since I've gotten nothing from Shadow, I'll start this. Again, I don't want there to be any pressure here, just... write what you feel like, have fun with it. ^_^

Flurries of snow floated outside of the floor-to-ceiling windows int he dinning hall. The bitter wind blew tree branches wildly, but inside, all was warm and calm and peaceful. A fire roared at the end of the room, its crackling providing a calm background noise to the family eating. They were an odd collection, Star realized, as she looked up from her soup. Hardly traditional in any way. And yet... that was alright. She had her sisters, stalwart Ember and bubbly Sophie, her metalborn children, Granite and Heather, and of course there was Xino and Jay and her husband Pheonix too. Author, she was so grateful for every one of them. 

Sophie leaned on her hand and stared out at the window. "Oh, the snow's so pretty, isn't it?"

Ember looked up from her place beside the hearth (she couldn't eat so when meal times came she tended to stretch or curl up there, much like a cat) and cocked her head. "Too cold," she said. The Destroyer wrapped her arms around her knees and set her chin on top of them. "Much too cold."

"Well, yeah, but it's pretty," Sophie insisted. She sighed wistfully. "Besides, when it's cold outside, that's an excuse to be cuddly and warm inside! Right, Ember?"

"I am always warm." 

This left Sophie a little stumped - a common result of her interactions with Ember. "But... cuddly?"

Ember gave an odd look. "... No," she said. 

"Okay..." Sophie picked at her soup, her curly hair deflating slightly. 

"The cold can be rather depressing," said Star. 

Granite scoffed, muttering under his breath: "Yeah, 'cause when there's ice, Mom doesn't let me practice on the roof."

"Oh, hush, dear," his mother responded offhandedly. "What I mean to say is, there's got to be something we can do to make it a little brighter in Castle Celeste, hmm?" She looked lovingly at Pheonix. "Pheo and I always enjoy hot chocolate, don't we? Any other ideas? Something fun we can enjoy together?"

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Granite stood up with delight. "Yes!" he said, a slightly evil glint in his grey eyes. The tall blonde rubbed his hands together. "Yes, let's play a board game!"

Star bit her lip, flashbacks of very heated games of monopoly stewing in her head. "Uh..." Before she could continue voicing her thoughts, an amused scoff arose from the corner. 

"If we play monopoly again," said Ember, "I'm still going to win. And you're still going to be disappointed."

"You cheated last time, Ember," Granite accused.

"I did not." 

"Did, too." 

Ember twirled her hair in her fingers. "Accusing me of dishonesty does not make the fact that you manipulated Sophie's confidence to increase your own chances of winning any more honorable."

Sophie's eyes widened and she set her spoon down, looking betrayed. "Granite!"

Star pounded her fist firmly on the table, producing a loud noise that silenced everyone. She surveyed the whole room with a matronly look of disappointment that dared anyone to cross her. And then, when all eyes were on her, she smiled sweetly. "Granite, darling, please sit down."

Granite returned with an innocent smile of pure obedience. "Yes, Mother."

"Thank you. Now. Does anyone have any other ideas?" 

For a moment there was silence again, but Granite spoke up. "What if we pummeled each other in the face with snow?" He shot a look at Ember. "A little revenge, a little family fun. Isn't that what this family's all about? Sounds great to me."

Ember straightened her back and cracked her knuckles. "Such a duel is acceptable, Son of Star. Is this form of snowy combat approved by Her Majesty?"

"Um..." Star began. "That sounds... a little dangerous."

"Oh, come on, Mom, it's snow, what's the worst that could happen? And besides, I'm, like, the youngest one here and I'm rarin' to go. We can handle it."

"Technically Ember is the youngest one here," Sophie added. She was still a little sour from earlier and was picking at her soup in annoyance.

"Yeah. Besides me and Ember and Sophie, we're all adults, right? It'll be great."

Star opened her mouth, looking at Heather, who was sitting quietly, but attentively. Heather's not an adult... Star thought. She's... eighteen. My Author. With a sigh, Star said, "Alright. We can do that."

"Yes!" Granite stood up from his seat again. "I'mgonnagetonmycoatseeyaguysbye."

"Ah, ah, ah." Star snapped and Granite was dragged back to his seat by an unseen force. "You stay at the table until everyone is finished, young man."

"Fine, fine."

"So," said Star, "anyone at all opposed to-" here she smiled "-this snowy form of combat?"

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Jaywalk gazed at the flickering fire in a trance. He basked in its warmth, letting the heat wash over his body. The flames were rather beautiful, really. The deep purple amethyst on his ring appeared magenta in the face of the fire's red tendrils, and his Voidveins pulsed softly at the light. So many times, he'd sat alone by a fire, curled up next to it as he tried to drift to sleep--he rarely did. He smiled at the chatter across the room. He often found it hard to feel like a part of the group, but still, he wasn't alone this time.

No longer chilled to the bone, he unwrapped his scarf and laid it on the arm of the chair. I'll be back, I'm sure, he thought. Then he slipped off his coat and conjured a snowball. "Snowy combat, you say?" He chucked the snowball at Granite's face.

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Jay's snowball hit Granite square in the nose and the mistborn sat for a moment, stunned. Sophie burst out laughing, a sudden guffaw of riotous joy. "Oh, you ate it SO HARD!" she squealed with delight, summoning a snowball of her own. Granite wiped the snow off his face and grinned. 

Star exhaled sharply and folded her arms. "Not in the castle," she said. "I-" At that moment, a snowball hit her in the face. A short silence followed, Sophie pausing amid her attempt to get Granite again. Star brushed the snow off her face and shook her hand out, unamused. "Who..." the matronly Narrator wondered aloud, looking in the direction of the throw.

"What?" said Ember. Her hand was shelled and glistening with a coating of water. Or, perhaps, the melted residue of a projectile made of snow.

Despite herself, Star smiled, the absurdity of what Ember had done catching her off-guard. And then, she laughed heartily. "Alright then." A snowball appeared in her suddenly glove-covered hand.

"Wait, wait, hold on a second," Granite said. "Mom, Heather and I can't summon those things."

"Mmm. That is a problem, isn't it?" We're all outside in our winter gear, then. At her Narration, the group was standing in the southern courtyard, overlooking the lake. "No Narration, to make it fair for Heather and Granite. Shall we do teams, or-" Star was hit with another snowball, this time in the shoulder by her son.

"FREE FOR ALL!!" Granite shouted. 

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Sophie looked at Pheo's mini castle with interest. "Wanna forcefield for that?" she asked. 

Ember leaned down, dipping her armored hand into the snow to form a snowball, but as she began to shape the lump of half-frozen water, she paused, a shudder ran through her body. The sensation of pins and needles, starting in her feet, ran up her legs. "Cold," said Ember. She shuddered instinctively and she shifted her weight to her left foot, bringing her right foot up so she could inspect it. When she tried to move her toes, they resisted, the cold hindering their ability to move. She frowned. "Oh, too cold," said Ember distastefully. The Destroyer set her foot back down, feeling it cramp up again. She'd have to make her way to the balcony, it would be better there. As she moved - gingerly, due to the odd and slightly painful sensation - a snowball hit her in the back. It slid down her armor, making her shiver as she turned around to see who had thrown it.

"Where ya goin', Ember?" said Sophie, her cheeks a bright shade of blue from the cold. Evidently she had been the culprit. 

"The snow hurts my feet," she explained. "I will throw from the balcony."

"'Kay, 'kay." She smiled and her blue locks curled around her earmuffs. Until, that is, a snowball smacked her on the back and her hair went straight in shock. "Granite!" 

Granite shrugged. "Wasn't me. That was Mom. Woman's already got a whole stockpile back there." He pointed.

Indeed, Narrator Star had taken shelter behind a row of bushes and pocked her head up periodically to launch a snowy projectile. One such projectile Sophie was able to narrowly avoid with a forcefield. "Author's Pen, she's got good aim," she remarked.

"I mean, what else would you expect from her?" said Granite with a chuckle. 

By now, Ember had made her way up to the balcony. She shed her armor and knelt so she could quickly melt the snow around her. Unfortunately, steam arose about her, making her eyes foggy. Ember cursed, a habit she had, regrettably, picked up from her best friend. She stood up, deciding that it was best not to melt snow that way and kicked the snow around her with the front of her foot all the way to the edge of the concrete balcony. From here she had a perfect view of the rest of the players below her. Her shell coalesced on her body again and she snapped, a pile of prepared snowballs sitting beside her and two more balls forming in her hands. One for Granite and one for Heather. A light smile formed on her lips and she chucked each one effortlessly, each expertly making their way to the shoulder of their intended target. 

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I already sent this to Jay, but Xino, this song is the most Pheonix thing I can imagine. And considering this is a Christmas CBST thread, I can't not post this here. I think you'll like it a lot. 


2 hours ago, Ookla the Reserved said:

"Oh, I haven't finished yet!" remarked Pheonix. "It's going to be much larger than this."

"Ooooooo!" Sophie exclaimed. "I'll make sure Granite doesn't knock it down."

"Yeah, sure, I'd knock down my step-dad's snow castle." He chuckled. "I'm not a monster, Sophie." 

32 minutes ago, Ookla the Wistful said:

Jay crept up behind Star, a bucket of snow in his hands. He cringed with each crunching step, but she didn't seem to notice him coming closer. Until finally, he lifted the bucket above her, tipped it, and...

Oh, no you don't, Ember thought. She picked up a snowball from beside her and threw it at Jay's shoulder. 

Buuuuut not before a whole bucket of soft snow was dumped on Star's head of blonde hair. She gasped. Cold, cold, cold- she thought, snapping quickly to make the snow go away before it could melt and trickle down her back. The matronly Narrator turned. "Jay, you nasty little cretin!" She grinned. "Oh, you're gonna get it." Star snapped again, another bucket's worth of snow dumping over Jay. 

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