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Strange Theory of Dawnshards


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Yes, this will be strange. The most prevalant theory for the nature of the dawnshards are two sets of opposing Commands, ie Create/Destroy and Change/Stasis. We have very little regarding what Brandon wants to do with them, so I'm here to completely reject the common theory.

The Dawnshards are the Commands of big Ado that created the Cosmere. Rather than opposites I think the Dawnshards are progressive, ie line upon line. In order:

  1. Be
  2. Change
  3. Know/Think?
  4. Unite?

The ones in Italics I am not quite sure about, but they seem to fit.

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On 11/24/2020 at 2:57 AM, trav said:

1. Exist
2. Change
3. Interact
4. Think

I like this ^^^

This is how I would sort the Shards based off of those commands. 



  Primary (or Positive)
Secondary (or negative)
  Be Change Interact Think
Be Preservation Ambition Endowment Honor
Change Prudence* Ruin Whimsy Invention
Interact Autonomy Cultivation Mercy Devotion
Think Odium Valor Dominion Wisdom*


*Prudence and Wisdom are likely just one shard, but they would be sorted based off what name is officially used.

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