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New Radiants more Powerful than Old ones


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Across RoW is quoted sometimes that fused are surprised by new Radiants, does this mean that they are more powerful than old Radiants?

Here we can notice that we have 3 Radiants already in 4th ideal (Janash, Kaladin and Shallan) and Szeth will join soon. It seems to me taking a look in Skybreakers structure that normal “ascension” of Radiants were slower.

Also powers of Dalinar seems bigger than previous Bondsmiths (although Isthar also can create perpendicularities).


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I think the fused are surprised at how capable the radiants are generally since they went into this thinking that the only available radiants would be novices.  There are probably a number of reasons for this.  For example I think a big factor is that more of the radiants have backgrounds as professional soldiers and those soldiers are much much better trained then in prior desolations.  Yeah powers are good but efficient training regimes along with things like teamwork, tactics, and planing are all things that modern Rosharans know quite well and matter a great deal more then most people would think.  Remember that scene where a group of about fifty professional soldiers make it most of the way to the gemstone just by smart tactics, equipment and training?  That is actually quite realistic.  The other difference is Honor's death which may have stopped some of the things that limited surgebinders in prior desolations.  We really don't have details on that but Notum states this is a reason that the spren bond is still forbiden.

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So, for the Radiant's progression in the oaths, I would guess that their speed is pretty normal. The Skybreakers expected Radiants to progress much more slowly than the likes of Kaladin, Jasnah, and a lot of bridge 4, but that was pre-desolation. Constant combat puts a lot of stress on people, which is why we see a lot of Radiants leveling up during battles. As for the power levels of Radiants, my personal theory is that Windrunners are drawing some of Honor's splintered power to themselves because of their high levels of connection to that shard, both through their bond to Honorspren, and their personal convictions. That is why they were the closest to waking up, and why Kaladin stayed awake when none of the other Radiants did.

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