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Did anybody else catch this During Venli’s Flashback


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During one of Venli Flashbacks she was trying to discover Warform . At this time they only had workform and mateform. Venli is talking to her mother and her mother says let’s take this to the Five !!!!! This has to be a mistake ! At this time the Five could not have existed . Why because thier was only 3 forms available to Listeners at that time . Dullform, Mateform , and workform. The Elders that made up the Five were one of each form of Listener . Nimbles and Warform are  not yet discovered so they could not have had anyone sitting in for those forms . 
              To lack a better term at that time it should have been the 3 . Thoughts ? Am I right , was this an oversight by Brandon cause I can’t see how this occurred otherwise 

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Words of Radiance interlude 4:


The others hummed to Appreciation. Only Venli did not join in the song. If this stormform turned out to be real, would they add another person to the Five? At first, the Five had all been dullforms, then all workers. It was only at the discovery of nimbleform that it had been decided that they would have one of each form.


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