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Post-RoW character alignments


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I'd say that Szeth is Lawful Neutral.  Dalinar is his Law, but he has sworn to obey it completely, to view it as his Ideal.  To be Good he would have to be more confident in his own ability to interpret good from evil, moral from immoral.  And Szeth is probably the most Lawful character in the entire series that we have seen, possibly second to the Shards who are bound in the ways that they are able to act; Szeth is able to act in those ways, but chooses not to, in order to obey the Code/Law he follows.  I do see an argument for Szeth being Neutral Good in RoW exclusively.

Moash is very clearly Neutral Evil to me, too.  The man who turned against his brothers in order to gain his own revenge, a vengeance that could only be sated through murder.  A man who was given multiple opportunities to not be selfish, to choose another path, to choose to be different.  Each time, he willingly chose to not be welcomed back by his friends.  Each time, he willingly chose to give his will to another just so he wouldn't have to feel the consequences of his actions anymore.  Maybe he's been influenced by the Unmade and other supernatural forces, but even when he first started working with Graves he was only in it to get revenge on Elhokar.  He's selfish, through and through, and will do anything to keep from feeling the pain of the consequences of his actions.

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Szeth is not NG.  I would say LN, you might be able to talk me into LG.  But he has to be lawful.  

I don't think venli is G.  Probably CN.  was CE, might be heading towards CG.

Moash is absolutely NE.  Fell there in Book 2 or 3.

Why LG for navani? I'd say NG.

I think wind runners are also NG over LG


Lift CG

Jasnah N



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POV characters (the ones I can remember):

Lawful Good: Dalinar, Kaladin

Neutral Good:  Navani, Adolin, Eshonai, Rlain, Teft 

Chaotic Good: Lift, Taln, Lopen, Syl


Lawful Neutral: Szeth, Rock, Sigzil 

True Neutral: Jasnah, Renarin (so far), Rsyn, Pattern, Venli (was neutral evil untill last book)

Chaotic Neutral: Shallan, Hoid, Ash


Lawful Evil: Rayse-Odium (not the vessel himself, but he's subject of the rules of his powers), Moash (as Vyre, originally true neutral)

Neutral Evil: Taravangian

Chaotic Evil: Lezier



We don't have his POV yet but I'm sure Gavilar is Neutral Evil 

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Are we defining alignments based on intentions or outcomes? Bc Taravangian's intentions are definitely good, he does bad things bc he believes they are necessary for the greater good (as far as he sees any good possible), suffers for it, but thinks it's better that he suffers guilt, than other people suffering worse outcomes.

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On 11/20/2020 at 7:02 PM, Brgst13 said:

Shallan, Venli: Chaotic Good

Kaladin, Navani, Teft: Lawful Good

Dalinar, Szeth: Neutral Good

Nale: Lawful Evil

Taravangian: Neutral Evil

Moash: Neutral Neutral (or Evil)

Mraize, Kalak: Chaotic Neutral

Other ideas?


TaravOdium, Nale: Lawful Evil.  Both are "mean well in theory, but in practice monsters".  

Dalinar, Kaladin, Teft (RIP): Lawful Good.  

Adolin, Lift: Chaotic Good.  They are "storm it, I'ma do the stupid dangerous thing to help some nobody" personified.  Especially Lift, whose establishing character moment is quite literally doing a tremendously stupid dangerous thing that nearly gets her killed to save some thief's kid who nobody else would so much as give the time of day.  

Moash/Vyre: Chaotic Evil.  Only cares about himself.  

Szeth: Lawful Neutral

Shallan: Neutral Good.  Personalities vary a bit but she's less spontaneous "storm it I'ma do the stupid thing" than Adolin and Lift, while less scrupulously honorable in all things than Dalinar and Kaladin.  

Navani: Probably Neutral Good too.  She's a mom.  She didn't get to mom her bio daughter, so she's gonna mom the rust out of anyone who needs a mom.  Maybe she'll teach them SCIENCE!!!!

Mraize: Neutral Evil.  I get sociopath vibes from him.  I wonder how his boss's mental state is doing, being a Cognitive Shadow skulking around the backwaters of Harmony's place?  Is the Ghostbloods being dickholes a sign of that charming fellow starting to lose it?  

Kalak: Neutral.  He's too pathetic to be outright evil but he lacks the gumption to be any major extreme.  

Venli:  Not sure.  She's in the middle of a major alignment shift but on the balance I'd put her leaning towards CG.  That is a Willshaper thing anyway.  

Rlain: NG or LG.  He's just a good guy trying to do the right thing in the middle of an incredibly complicated apocalypse.  

Nightblood: NG.  Nightblood is basically a kid who wants to be a hero but doesn't quite get what that means.  (If  BS gives us an arc about Nightblood gaining an internally determined abstract concept of evil and developing a more adult personality I will literally cry while dying of laughter)

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9 minutes ago, Toaster Retribution said:

Would Nale really be Lawful Evil though? Wouldn't he more be Lawful Neutral, in that he is plain and simple about obeying the law.

I would say that, as Szeth pointed out, following the strict letter of the law right into service of a blatantly evil fascist who uses racial tensions to spark conflict and gain power is actually very, very bad.  Also Nale is very clearly not sane, even Szeth points it out.  Definitely LE, he's basically Roshar's Darth Vader.   

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