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What is this spren?


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In chapter 29, while Adolin is walking around the spren marketplace admiring their fashion, he makes this observation:


Though, he thought, passing a tall willowy spren of a type he didn’t recognize, someone ought to tell that one what a protective cup is used for on our side.

It's buried in a joke, but this isn't this actually a major incongruity? Adolin should recognize all the radiant spren by now. At this point he has interacted firsthand with honorspren, cultivationspren, mistspren, cryptics, reachers, and peakspren. Within the same chapter he recognizes highspren, ashspren, and inkspren.

Are there additional kinds of sapient spren that don't form radiant bonds? For some reason I thought this had been denied by a WoB, but I can't find it so I could be misremembering. I guess there is an outside chance this is some kind of Enlightened radiant spren, but in that case I would expect the other spren in the marketplace to recognize that and react.

Unfortunately, tall and willowy is not much to go off of. So here's my total shot-in-the-dark guess: it's a kandra.

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I like that idea. I'd agree the people of Roshar's way of referring to everything(Like Magic = Surgebinding, etc) means it might not be an actual spren of any variety. I had not explictly thought of Kandra when I read it but now that it was pointed out I'm inclined to agree - weren't the True Bodies used in Era 1 shaped similarly?

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3 hours ago, Seloun said:

The (a) relevant WoB appears to be:

Question About Mistspren

This appears to be contradicted by Coppermind, which suggests mistspren are the Truthwatcher Radiant spren, so, one of those is wrong or OBE.

RoW conclusively establishes that the mistspren are the Truthwatcher spren. I guess Brandon misheard the question in that WoB, or simply had his mind on other things (like that time he accidentally said Oathbringer was an honorblade).

8 hours ago, Elsecaller_17.5 said:

There are sapient spren without Radient bonds. Its OB somewhere.

We used to think this, because of the mistspren, but see above. I don't think we have any actual examples of sapient spren that aren't one of the radiant-capable types.

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On 11/20/2020 at 6:30 AM, Catladyman said:

Do we consider the Oathgate spren to be sapient? And we’re they created specifically for that purpose, or did they begin as another type of spren?

They looked like an Inkspren and Reacher pair, just scaled up. These would be the spren who'd grant access to the Surge of Transportation.

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