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I have a theory,  short and to the point.  Edgli is the Shard we see that stayed faithful to the agreement the 16 made at the Shattering. Her magic system therefore most closely adheres to what a Dawnshard does. Edgli also seems oddly confident about any future confrontation that may arise with Odium.  Conclusion,  Edgli has one of the Dawnshards and used it to create Nalthis and its magic system.  And that is likely what the anomaly is in the Nalthian system. 

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Your theory gives me an idea though ? What if there is one hidden on Nalthis in that painting that Lightsong kept looking at . IIRC Kalidan saw a similar painting in the Cognitive Realm that I kept thinking is important ! They could be hidden in works of art . People that are invested see different things when looking into those paintings .... could this be why 

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