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Twas the Night before Stormlight...


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[In my life there are 2 things I lose all self control with:  pizza and books. Was going to make a comic, but too lazy.  So I write instead.  Enjoy?  I'm sure some of you who read digitally relate!

Also I mention Dawnshard in passing, but there's no content discussion and thus no spoilers.]


Monday, Nov 16th 11:59 pm 

All is quiet, all is dark.  You sleep is comfort.

Tuesday, Nov 17th 12:00am

A delicate *chirp* breaks the silence.  Across the room, a screen lights up briefly.  You know what it says.

You break out in a cold sweat.....then, with a deep breath, close your eyes.

As the screen fades and darkness scuttles backs around, there's a moment of calm....but only a moment.


"Read me," the dark whispers in your ear.

You ignore it.

It laughs at you. "READ ME."

You roll out of bed and glare at your device.  "I have to be at work in a few hours.  I need sleep."

"Just a few chapters.  A few....minutes."

Your laugh is edged with hysteria. "Like that EVER works."

"You could just read the Epilogue."

"What? NO that's a terrible idea!"

"You don't need alllllll that sleep.  You can spare a few hours."

"Uh, ok, NO. I might have been tempted...  EXCEPT for your little friend here!"  You point accusingly at an innocent novella.

"Hello!"  Dawnshard says cheerfully. "Would you like to destroy some brains today?"

"Remember that wreck of a night? Binge reading till 2 am? Gibbering in lore? Trying to post on the Shard?  I think I wrote things in my sleep.  And I was a mess the next morning."

"Yesssss.....but what FUN it was."

"No no no no no, I am too old for this.  I actually like sleeping now.  Sleep is amazing."

"Hmmm....There's always another secret.....I will give you truths. And I know some juicy ones."

"D-d-don't you dare throw quotes at me!"

Quotes and images begin to assault you from all sides with increasing speed, drowning out your logic.

Journey before destination.                I am a stick.         Why is there a wall?

I'm broken.                      The sky and the winds are mine.      I will rise a better man.            Tight butt.     

Axelicious bloke.         Bridgemen aren't suppose to survive.                          For glory lit, and life alive.


Tuesday, Nov 17th 12:01am

You whimper slightly, staring at the device across the darkened room. 

Your hand trembles.

...What will the morning bring?


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