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Question. I was reading the coppermind, and read that Odium fears Harmony. While I understand why that would be the case, what I don't get is how he knows about harmony, since they are in different systems. Also timelines I guess? Idk if the current SA timeline corresponds with Mistborn Era 2.

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Im going to put the this entirely behind a Spoiler tag until the thread gets moved, just to be sure:



So, the Shards (and by extension their Vessels) exist primarily in the Spiritual Realm where all Space and Time are one.  They are very expanded (but technically still limited) mortal minds that are plugged into pure infinity.  And they are technically Connected to all aspects of their Intent that exist across the Cosmere.  Each Shard got the reigns of 1/16th of all creation.  This means they are able to perceive some amount of events all across the cosmere and even forward in Time, to varying degrees of skill and ability.  The biggest limitation is whether they know enough to actually exert their Power to perceive anything.  Odium is a first generation Shard-Vessel, and is actively hunting other shards, so their status is going to be on his mind, and so some amount of Cosmic awareness is available to him as soon as he considers it.  By contrast, Harmony is very new to this whole thing, and didnt come from a worldhopping culture, so it took him a while to even consider the concept of other Worlds (and when he did he found some outside force trying to block his perception).  

To answer your other question, we've been told that Era2 Mistborn takes place between the first and second halves of the Stormlight Archive (Ten books total), so assuming there wont be a massive time-jump we're assuming the first trilogy took the same 300 years or so from the "present" in Stormlight.



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Hey Odroin! Welcome to the Shard!

Questions about Cosmere events and Stormlight Archive in particular for future are really great to put in the Cosmere Discussion, Cosmere Q&A, or Stormlight Archive section of the forum so people with answers can find your questions easier. I'll see if we can get this one moved over there so you can get a great answer to your question!

In the meantime, so happy to have you join us and hope you enjoy your time on the Shard! :D

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Mistborn Era 2 happens between Stormlight 1-5 and Stormlight 6-10. We know that there is 300 years between Wea 1 and Era 2. This means that there is probably about a 250 year time span between Harmony’s creation and Dalinar’s unification of Alethkar, which is kind of where the entire story begins.

250 years is a suitable amount of time. Harmony has had time to send spies to Roshar, Brandon has confirmed that there are Kandra that we have seen in the books that have been release so far. We know that Autonomy loves to send minions throughout the Cosmere. It would make sense for Odium to know about Harmony and develop a sense of fear for what has happened. The reason he Splinters the Shards the way he does is to eliminate opposition. If there are no other Gods, then by default you are the most powerful. Harmony has 2 Shards, which is Odiums greatest nightmare.

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As said before, Shards have far larger and further reaching minds than humans, and are aware of stuff around the universe. 

Harmony is the most powerful Shard (albeit limited by his opposing essences), and also represents something Odium fears, Shards combining. 

Furthermore, Mistborn Era 1 takes place before Stormlight, around 330 Years before (300 Rosharan Years). Era 2 of Mistborn takes place in the 10-15 Rosharan Year gap (11-16 Scadrian Year) between Stormlight Era 1 and Stormlight Era 2. 

So the Catacendre happened centuries before the events of SA. 

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