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Who did Sigzil hate?

Necessary Eagle

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23 hours ago, Necessary Eagle said:

Sigzil is mentioned, along with Kaladin and Teft, as having said the traditional "I legit hate this person" form of the Third Oath, and I wonder who exactly aroused his ire.

"Storm it, I gave them the Voidbringer Attack Evacuation Forms, not a single one of them is in formation, they're not even fully packed-- serve them right if I just left them there for the Fused... *sigh* No, I must rescue even those who didn't bother to read Section 32(b)..."


Probably something along those lines. "I will protect even those who could have protected themselves if they just listened to me when I explained the proper.... never mind, I will protect even those I hate, so long as it is right."

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