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What Trapped Odium & How Does He Win?

Child of Hodor

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This came about from RoW spoiler board discussion, but has no spoilers and I want more people to see it :).

My theory is Odium is bound by an agreement he made with Honor & Cultivation and the agreement was "You have to stay on Braize as long as one of us is alive and in the system". Or something to that effect.

He killed Honor, that wasn't enough. He almost got Dalinar to release him by agreement, which supports the idea that he was bound by an agreement in the first place. 

He has to either kill Cultivation or drive her off. Maybe that is why he influenced humans to play "the floor is lava" on Ashyn and Tanavast shows Odium trashing the surface of Roshar "This is what I fear will happen. It's what he wants."  (WoK Ch. 75)

Odium's struggling to kill Cultivation directly so: he's turned the Singers against her, he's killed her husband souring her feelings on humanity, destroyed Ashyn's surface and will destroy Roshar's giving her nothing to grow. I know Cultivation is about more than trees, but come on she stormin' loves plants and great varieties of lifeforms. Odium's on Braize, if she goes there she's dead because she won't win a straight up fight, the other ten planets are gas giants.

She's still a Shard driven by her Intent. With nothing to grow or cultivate the Shard Intent would win out over the Vessel and cause her to seek out planets capable of sustaining life. Her only alternative would be to expend a bunch of effort to make a planet in the system habitable again and that would give Odium a chance to kill her. 

Why Did He Agree To This?

Odium didn't like his odds 1 on 2 against a married couple in a direct confrontation, he has "been hurt before" OB Ch. 16. He agreed to this and thought he could win quickly anyways and he was wrong.  

Escalation Through Desperation

The Desolations may be designed to get one side or the other to be so desperate they do something really dangerous with the surges. Like what was done to Ashyn and what was done to Stormseat to make it the Shattered Plains. Honor and Cultivation had forbidden the Singers from surgebinding as of the time of the Ashyn Exodus. 

They came from another world, using powers that we have been forbidden to touch. Dangerous powers, of spren and Surges. (OB Ch. 111 Eila Stele)

Then Odium nudges the humans to expand on Roshar, then creates the Fused from the victims of the human expansion. Humans are desperate a group of them go to Honor with a plan and he aids them by giving them Honorblades that allow them to use Surges. Seems like Honor caved because he was desperate and gave surgebinding fueled directly by his own power to a select few which the spren then imitated. The Desolations have one true purpose to get someone desperate or vengeful enough they accidently or on purpose unleash surgebinding so powerful it wipes out most life on the planet. A Roshar self-destruct sequence which probably involves Dawnshards. *everyone boos* I know, I know :rolleyes:.

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