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Star Trek: Discovery


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(Spoilers below)

I recently started watched Star Trek: Discovery and holy heck does it have a lot of plot holes. I still don’t know why everyone hated Micheal so much after her mutiny- had she succeeded she might have been able to stop the war! She literally did nothing wrong! And why is it so hard for her to regulate her emotions like a Vulcan? She has way less strong emotions than they do! Also, Tyler looks eerily like Lin Manuel Miranda and it keeps throwing me. If the dude bursts into song I’m gonna lose it. I did really like the giant troglodyte, though, I literally squealed when I saw him for the first time. I’m really only watching more of the series in the hopes that Mr. Water Bear comes back. I wanna see Micheal ride a troglodyte. Anyone else have any thoughts/questions/answers about the series?

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