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Lerasium and non humans.


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So as we know lerasium is a metal anyone can burnt by anyone turning them into super mistborn . 

So does they apply to non humans as well ?

Could Koloss or kandra become mistborn ? 

Could the Parshendi ? The Dysian Aimians or the other one. 

Also is it hard to take those beads offworld. Like due to the connection with preservation and Scadrial. 

Hoid managed it but maybe only by burning it. 

As an aside , would it have been harder for Elend to leave Scadrial compared to say Marasi ?

If that is possible then how is it that Hoid is the only one to steal it. 

We know that there most probably were 16 beads of Lerasium , so the fate of four beads  are still unknown. 

Shouldn't odium , autonomy, the Ire , my hypothesized Nalthian secret society or Cultivation  have tried or be trying to steal it too. Or have they already stolen it already???

Perhaps TLR had his hands full fighting away these would be Mistborn  for a millennia or so . Using Ruin as a guarddog as well. 

Also , suppose a kandra were to become mistborn. Would it's death be the end of the line ? Could hemalurgy be used on these Hemalurgic constructs ?

Koloss can have children so I guess they would inherit allomancy 

So would singers but what about Dysian Aimians ?

Like suppose the Dysian Aimians consumed one. 

Perhaps they would rather alloy it into 16 smaller pieces each granting a misting ability. 

So that some of the cremlings could riot or sooth someone to an extreme degree in alethkar while others would leech someone in aimia. 

Also what would happen if say a horse or a giraffe had consumed one. 

Could animals become mistborn too ???

Oooooooo what if a Chasmfiend were to consume one ??? 

I mean yeah I guess they would require metals and some amount of cognition but still ..... Could u use hemalurgy to steal from them ?

And could Spren consume them ? Is that possible in the cognitive realm. They use investiture to make children so perhaps they could throw a bead into the clay too. 

Perhaps most Spren couldn't do it , saturated with Honor , cultivation and Odium as they are but thise Soren which still mostly use the original ambient investiture of Roshar ?

If they were to bond to someone would the shared spiritweb lead to the surgebinder becoming a mistborn or Misting ??? 




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Jason Wright

If a kandra eats a bead of lerasium, can he burn it? Alternatively can he gain Allomancy via Hemalurgy?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes on both counts.

Goodreads: Ask the Author Q&A (Aug. 13, 2014)


Can a kandra burn things if they-- could they burn lerasium--and if they did would they be able to burn other things?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes that is possible. It is even plausible that an kandra could gain other powers, they just don't know how to do it.

Firefight San Francisco signing (Jan. 17, 2015)

As for whether Dysian Aimians or spren could consume them, we don't have any confirmation.

I think both Siah and Dysian Aimians could consume Lerasium and become Mistborn. As for spren, their nature might change to become more Preservation-y, as they are essentially living Investiture.

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As an answer to the various questions about people leaving Scadrial, the limitation that we recently received information on that I believe you're referencing mostly applies to Roshar and its various magic systems/users. It applies to varying degrees to other investiture, but Roshar's Investiture seems to be the toughest to take off world that we know of at the moment. We know Allomancers and Feruchemists can leave Scadrial and people/objects invested with Endowment's Investiture can leave Nalthis. We know of at least one Sand Master and multiple Elantrians(though they have issues getting through their areas of the Cognitive Realm for other reasons). We know it's difficult yet possible to get Investiture off of Sel, but I'm not sure about any other the other places I've mentioned beyond Endowment which is the least inhibited by this phenomenon.  

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