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Infinite Questions (Possibly the dumbest game ever)


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So this is a game my family likes to play together. We don’t really have a name for it, but the game starts whenever anyone says “I’m thinking of something”. It’s basically 20 questions, except you can think of literally anything, and there’s infinite questions. It’s ridiculous. There’s no turns or anything, when you play irl everyone is just shouting questions at the same time, and the answerer just has to really quick say “yes” or “no” to anyone and everyone. This probably works better irl because you can ask questions like “have I seen it this week” or “is there one in this room” but let’s see how we do.

So some rules to forum-ize it.
1.   All questions must be “yes-or-no” questions, but the answerer doesn’t have to answer “yes” or “no”. You do have to answer the question, but you can give more info if you want, just not less. 
2.   You can ask as many questions as you want per message, just keep it reasonable. Let’s set a vague limit of 10-ish. Also, maybe number your questions if you’re doing a lot in one message. This is to try and mimic the chaos that happens in an irl game.
Edit 2a. Read all the questions that have been asked for the current Thing before asking your own. We’re only 2 pages in and have had a ton of redundant questions.
Edit 2b. If the answerer hasn’t seen your last question yet and you have a new one, just edit that post, no need for another one. 
3.   Whoever successfully guesses the last person’s gets to do the next one, but if they don’t want to they can just say they’re dropping it and the next person to post can do it. 

Here are some notable things people have thought of when I’ve played, if you’re looking for inspiration.

Data (the android from Star Trek), A Canadian Dollar, The Knights Templar, A Ship’s Anchor, The Abstract Concept of Knowledge, The Game 20 Questions, A Printing Press, Uranium, Obama, and a lot more. 

This is probably a bad idea.....welp. I’ll start with something simple.

I’m thinking of something. 

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13 minutes ago, Condensation said:

Is it alive?


11 minutes ago, Doomstick said:

is it made of cells?


11 minutes ago, Condensation said:

Does it move?

depends on your frame of reference, but yes 

3 minutes ago, Doomstick said:

does it sink in water?

It would

1 minute ago, I Am A Fish said:

Is it Stoopid, like me?

Depends on who you ask. Heinz Doofenshmirtz would certainly think so.

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2 minutes ago, I Am A Fish said:

Is it a:



The Sun? (Technically also a star)

Or my ego? (It's too large to fit on earth) 





1 minute ago, Doomstick said:

is it a satellite? 

if so, is it a natural satellite?




Is it corporeal?

Is it fictional?



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