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Vin, the Mists, and Healing a Shardblade Wound



We know a radiant with stormlight can heal a shardblade wound, and so could a bloodmaker with enough stored-up healing. Vin, with the Mists fueling her allomancy is MUCH more powerful than she is with metals, and the Mists are gaseous investiture like Stormlight, which allows those who can take it in to survive extreme trauma, heal unbelievably quickly and holding it seems to enhance their strength, speed, and dexterity in a manner at least somewhat similar to someone burning pewter (I don't think it's quite that potent though). Is what Vin does with the mists, assuming she doesn't ascend all the way to preservation, limited to allomantic powers she already potentially has, or could it/does it also do other things (like potentially healing her like stormlight heals surgebinders). She is pretty beat up before Marsh rips the earring out in Hero of Ages and then when she gets access to the mists, she seems to heal in a manner a lot greater than even pewter would normally supply, though she is also in the process of ascending to functional godhood. All of this is basically to ask if Vin, not taking enough of the mists into herself to become preservation, could heal a shardblade wound to her arm with the mists. What do you guys think?

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Hm. Thinking about it.

If the mists are used to power allomancy, then they wouldn't heal Vin since that's not what Allomancy does. Pewter abilities lwould make her strong enough to act despite physical injuries,  but not heal.

If the mists are being used for their other function (moving all of Preservation's power into their target for an Ascension) then that also doesn't heal.

...but yes, Investiture is in a sense interchangeable if you know how - on Roshar we know that Vasher is powering his Returned status with Stormlight instead of Breaths, and there's WoB that he could technically use it to Awaken if he could figure out how. And of course we've seen how you can use Allomancy to power Feruchemy with compounding, etc.

But in all those cases, it looks like people are using the wrong source of investiture to do something they already know how. A feruchemist can power their feruchemy with allomancy if they can get it. A Returned can power their Divine breath with Stormlight.

So following that trend, the answer would be no. Vin COULD use the mists to power any other investiture-based powers she knew how to use - so IF she were a bloodmaker, or a radiant, she'd in principle be able to heal with mists instead of using the intended power source (if she knew how to do the conversion). Or if she were also a radiant, she'd be able to use the mists to power her surges, instead of stormlight. But accessing investiture/mists doesn't by itself give those powers. ...well, until she gets enough of them and Ascends and holds Preservation, at which point she has all of Preservation's powers which is everything.

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