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Mistborn adventure game tips


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So I’m going to be leading a game of mistborn adventure game with my family. Is there any tips for doing things? I think I have the basics of storytelling done, such as having good, 3d characters and not forcing people along a path, but I have never been a DM. I’m fairly bad a voice acting, but I think that’s fine for a family setting. 

one of the players are thinking of being secretly a Kandra. I’m going to give them the stats of someone with no powers because that is what the group sees them as, but secretly they have average powers in addition to average and strong stats. I think that will work. I also am a “member” of the crew with a character that doesn’t fight, but gives recourses and has contacts. Is that a good idea? I can use him as a tool to assist the plot, but I dunno. I’m thinking maybe giving him items might be a bad idea, given that it gives advantages to the group? But I do have someone built to mess with the plot, so maybe that evens it out? Should there be an in-game reason for him to mess with things? Maybe he’s a member of a third party trying to lead the group off course? I honestly don’t know.

also this might not be the right forum to ask this. If it isn’t, could the mods move it to the right one?

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Voice acting is never a requirement. There are a lot of DMs that do it, but never assume you HAVE to. If you decide you want to do a little bit, save it for important characters as a way to draw your players attention.

Having an NPC who "knows people" is a good way to direct and pace the story, as you can reveal important information at an ideal point in the narrative.

If you want to have someone working as a hindrance to the party, they should have a reason why, maybe personal (they know a character in the party) professional (on a similar job at the same time) or simply convenient (it's their job). Unless it's Hoid, people aren't going to do things just because they can.


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