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Wrong Shard in a WoB


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I was looking through some WoBs and came across this in which, after floundering for a while, Brandon says allomancy is powered by Ruin rather than by Preservation like we know it is.



Let's say Lift received two Hemalurgic spikes: one for Allomantic bendalloy and one for Feruchemical bendalloy. Then she eats a bunch of pancakes, stores the nutrition in a piece of bendalloy, burns it to compound nutrition. Can that nutrition be turned into Stormlight?

Brandon Sanderson

Yeah.  Yeah, but remember she didn't have to be-- so basically what that-- Is just a really complicated way for her to turn Allomantic Investiture-- so that it can allocate Allomantic Investiture into Stormlight. That would be a complex method of doing that. Just transferring one type of Investiture into another. It's just basically drawing from Ruin and she is then turning it into Stormlight-ish? It's a complicated thing, but that's basically what happens, just really crazy.


Okay, so-- but it is the same sort of thing, right? *hesitant nod from Brandon* And--

Brandon Sanderson

I hope that eventually in the cosmere they will find easier ways than that.

(Emphasis mine)

Would it be possible to get a foot note stating that he likely meant preservation, rather than ruin?

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Hemalurgey is the metallic art of the Ruin shard. His reference to Allomantic power should be to Hemalurgic power though.

It would be possible to add a footnote, though I'm not sure how to do that.

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