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Way of Kings Prime Typo Thread


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I realize The Way Of Kings Prime is a Sanderson Curiosity and barely edited. Also Peter Ahlstrom hasn't started this thread or even asked for it (I assume he's way to busy with Rhythm of War). But if the team at Dragonsteel is ever interested in correcting typos for the print edition I thought I'd list what I found. 


Page numbers from the ePub

p103 tenancy -> tendency

p503 aren't unarmed -> are unarmed or aren't armed

p534 solders -> soldiers

p660 mater -> matter

p693 be an answers -> any?


There was also this weird placement of hyphens in the middle of words:

p211 prefer-red

p212 annoy-ance

p224 recita-tion

p230 regis-ters

p247 absorb-ing

p267 predic-ament

p274 incapa-citation

p277 mimick-ing

p459 incon-spicuously

p712 respons-ibility

p753 under-stood

p792 every-thing

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Typos for The Way of Kings Prime

pg numbers and lines according to the PDF as recovered on 8/27/2020

Edit: my own typo.

Edit 2: formatting


pg 12 last line

change raise to raised

The king, however, simply raise a forestalling hand.


(stylistic) pg 20 7th line from bottom

replace "of them" with "the men" (similar repetition, but increased space between them)

Very few men on the entire field had been killed by spears—yet nearly all

of them wielded them.


pg 22 line 28 (or 12th from bottom)

change steeping to stepping

“What?” Aredor asked incredulously, steeping up to his younger brother’s side.


pg 31 line 3

change siad to said

“Ask your king,” he siad sharply, and continued past her.


stylistic pg 65

suggest inserting "it" between "wanted" and "to", suggest "Although" instead of "Yet"

Yet, the piece of her that scoffed at superstition—institutionalized

or not—wanted to offer what comfort it could. She remained quiet


67 line 20

change "keep" to "have kept"

She turned toward him—he had sacrificed much. “Nelshenden, I am

sorry to keep you out of the end of the war.”


71 line 12

change "at it" to "as it"

something in Taln’s mind that immediately

began adjusting for the language difference, at it had done so often before.


77 line 13

change "to her" to "of her"

She was very clever—moreover, she was dedicated to understanding and fulfilling what was expected to her.


79 line 15

change "such" to "as such"

Tethren was a Prince of House Rienar in Jah Keved, but he was a

younger son, and such often oversaw their family’s business negotiations.


84 line 7

change "returning" to "returned"

Eventually, people returning to their feasting.


pg 98 line 14 change to tendency

from  Jasnah simply had a tenancy to . . . overreact.


pf 98 last line 

change has to had

Barely protected from storms, sleeping practically

in the open, without proper amenities or enough water even for regular

bathing. It has been miserable. Even worse, it had been boring. 


pg 180 line 14 

change they to them

I’ve found that men rarely like to be told

what they can’t do. So, I just let they try it.


217 line 1 

change lean to learn

Merin shook his head. “Vasher wants me to lean how to jump up to my


244 line 3 

change bother to brother

“He has to go, Bother Lhan,”


249 line 1

change his to this

pg 248 last line included for context

248  Elhokar sighed, turning to the crowd. “I have some business that needs

249  to be attended to before his competition begins,” he said unnecessarily to


281 line 3 

change folder to folded

Jasnah folder her arms, tapping her foot in frustration.


305 line 32 (or line 8 if counting from bottom)

insert “ballad” between “a” and “building”

You prefer a building subtlety to a sudden and

obnoxious crescendo. You make plans for your future, and make allegiances

with skill.”


327 line 19

change build to built

Though the Kholinar palace was only one story tall, it had been build on a slight cleft in the land,


346 line 3 

change made to make 

“If you leave me behind, I’ll just follow you and made a nuisance of myself.


471 line 22

change fell to feel 

“I fell like I should recognize you, old man,” Ahven noted carefully


487 line 32

change spend to spent

even those who weren’t accustomed to military discipline

had spend their lives working in fields


 489 line 9 to 10

insert of between fall and highstorms

They would only begin growing again with the steady fall



499 line 14

change “aren't unarmed” to “aren't armed” OR “are unarmed”

They kept hitting you to keep you down. Men fear

Shardbearers, even when they aren’t unarmed.


508 line 10

remove it between called and the 

During the days of the Epoch Kingdoms it had been called it the



Continuity 509 line 14

change millenia to centuries

Taln nodded slowly, regarding her. She was so young, barely into her

thirties. He had seen as many millennia pass as she had seen decades,  


512 line 9

insert not between Ahven and left (after seeing dust on the walls)

Had Ahven left orders for servants to clean

the unoccupied wings?


Stylistic 514 line 8

change manageable to unmanageable

“It’s only bread, soldier. I doubt you’ll find that it makes your prisoners too healthy to be manageable.”


526 line line 20

change the 2nd to and replace with do

“To whom to your loyalties belong?”


529 line 4

change solders to soldiers

Jek’s men—a group of ten solders


Stylistic 523 line 9

change for to of

Now Lhan was paying the debts for his curiosity


Stylistic 537 line 28

change ranked to outranked

Meridas was still the top nobleman in the group—but

everyone knew that deities ranked aristocrats.


553 line 26

change lay to laid

Dalenar lay a hand on Echathen’s arm, and shook his head slightly.


581 line 10

insert the between of and army's

There was no way to keep news of army’s pursuit quiet, not with Nachin and his family in camp.


581 line 12

change a to an before anxiety

bringing with it a anxiety that wasn’t dulled even by the fim marching speed Meridas



582 last line

insert be between will and likely

“Trade? No, I think Aneazer will likely to consider us a threat.


584 line 14

remove a between is and something

“You have to admit,” Lhan said, “it is a something of an accomplishment


Stylistic 585 line 14

insert as between world and he

his determination to see the world he wanted to, rather than as it really was.


591 4th line from the bottom of the page

change arrive to arrived

Only because I left one of my men here to watch in case news arrive!


598 line 22

change sparely to sparsely

The rooms were sparely furnished,


602 line 28

change passed to past

the first time had seen the ocean had been when the Aleth armies

marched passed the Point of the Sea of Chomar


604 line 11

insert to after come OR change come to be

Renarin shrugged. “This was the right place to come, Merin.


610 line 29

change hadn't to hasn't

We do as our king commands,” he said. “As of yet, he hadn’t commanded—which left us a little confused at what to

do with you.”


612 line 12

change solders to soldiers

“How many officers?” Merin asked. “A couple per ship? And how many

of your own solders walk the decks? Tensets.”


Continuity: 624 line 7

change faceplate to face (Merin does pick up or wear the helm, that is removed by the shardbearer)

The young Shardbearer in silver jumped forward, trying to thrust through Merin’s faceplate.


632 line 3

change regulated to relegated 

Jasnah’s place in the group had been regulated to that of the protected and coddled



632 line 13

insert in after it (she would have to fold it in with...)

she did not doubt that going to the Holy

City was going to be dangerous. Her men could not face a trained enemy on

its own—she would have to fold it with more seasoned troops once they

reached Elhokar’s main army.


634 line 34

change instance to insistence 

For the first time, she realized how grateful she was for Taln’s instance

upon her practical clothing.


Stylistic 636 last line

change this to these (this people is used plurally again on page 637 paragraph 4 but the singularity there, seems stronger without the echo on this line)

You killed this people, Jasnah. I will save them.


Stylistic 637 line 2

remove the  from between most and people

They have food, which is

more than can be said of most the people in this winds-cursed land.”


651 line 5

insert what between do and Elhokar

The only option was to do Elhokar had not.


651 line 13

change but it took, to: but if it takes 

We’ll try a retreat, but it took us too long to disengage. They’ll give chase, and

they’ll catch us. After that . . .”


654 line 9th from the bottom

insert the between of and men

Most of men would escape—assuming


655 line 16

change "ride them by" to "ride by them"

There were sudden cries from the field nearby as the wounded realized that

this time Dalenar would not ride them by without thought.


655 line 23

insert left between men and behind

The youth on the saddle behind Dalenar held to his Plate with rigid

hands as the men behind watched their lord abandon them.


666 line 10

remove "under" from between "acts" and "in"

If a man acts in his own name, he is a

tyrant. If he acts under in the name of ‘The Kingdom,’ he is hailed as



684 line 4

change crumbed to crumbled 

Stone crumbed to dust, which in turn blew

of with the winds and mixed with the crom minerals to harden into rock

once again.


686 line 7th from bottom

change an to any

There don’t seem to be an answers.


Stylistic 696 line 2

remove all from between "men" and "a"

his stewards. If the army somehow survived the next few weeks, he vowed

to raise the men all a rank or two.


696 line 19

change seen to see  AND insert "the" between "of" and "Veden"

“I got close enough to the main body to seen glyphseals from all three of

Veden Houses. I recognized a couple of the faces, too.”


Stylistic 740 line 12

insert "would" between "more" and "masculine-cut" AND remove “would” after featers

Jasnah now had a group of trained lady’s maids to attend

her—no more masculine-cut clothing and unprimped features would

mar her image.


748 line 13

change regulated to relegated

Apparently, she had been

regulated to a somewhat perfunctory position in the Herald’s Army; and

if there was one thing Jasnah Kholin loathed, it was being ‘perfunctory.’


749 lines 24 to 26

rearrange clauses

Change to

Whether or not it makes him look mad ---- claiming to be a Herald certainly...

Original line

Claiming to be a Herald—whether or not it makes him look mad—certainly has gained

him a lot of authority in this group.”


760 line 30

consider adding a hyphen to change ununinformed to un-uniformed

The haphazard

arrangement of tables, mixed with ruddy hearthlight and ununiformed



776 line 4

insert "he" between "could" and "serve"

but how could serve mankind if he himself were not



794 last line

change deal to dear

Jasnah nodded, closing her eyes. Oh, my deal, poor Taln. 


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my own typo
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