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SPOILER Hoid+Cryptic

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35 minutes ago, Hoid the Drifter said:

Being that hoid was a Lightweaver before the Rosharan variant became a thing, and his power didn't totally function on Roshar, was the bonding with a Cryptic just so he could lightweave on Roshar?

Hoid's lightweaving doesn't function completely anywhere. He bonded the cryptic so that he could have full lightweaving.

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Just now, Hoid the Drifter said:

except Yolen. But the Cryptic would make it function everywhere?

Hoid couldn't lightweave fully anywhere:



And is Hoid now, like he can already basically Lightweave...

Brandon Sanderson

He can already-- I will have to delve into that during Hoid timed, but he was limited, and he's still limited. But there's stuff that he's been trying to do for a while that he can't quite get working.


'Cause it seemed like when he and Shallan were creating that story together of the wall--

Brandon Sanderson

Right, he was using her power, right? And guiding it, he wasn't doing it himself.


Is that something he can do in general, just help people with their powers?

Brandon Sanderson

Not necessarily. That was pretty special circumstances.

Emerald City Comic Con 2018 (March 1, 2018)



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