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[Dan Wells] John Cleaver - short impressions

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First of all, these books are REALLY creepy.

Second, awesome.

John is a real creep and I can see how it would be emotionally damaging to write him. On the other hand, he is an excellent character with a definite progression and probably the most gripping internal struggle I've ever seen (no offense, Kal). You get put in that mindspace with him when you're legitimately afraid FOR him when he does something that could tempt out his inner killer.

The demons are scary. 'Nough said.

Basically, I'm a fan.

Also this subforum is quiet. Read Dan Wells. You won't regret it.

Well, maybe you'll have nightmares.

It's a good thing that's on purpose.

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I'm not normally into horror but I loved this series. It's one of those rare instances where, at least for me, they got better every book.

The only other Dan Wells I've read is the Partials series but I'll admit I didn't get past the second book. Think I was getting tired of dystopian at the time so I might try revisiting them sometime.

I'd definitely agree though when it comes to John Cleaver, read Dan Wells.

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I haven't read it recently, but I loved the John Cleaver books! I'm also usually not a horror fan, but these books were fantastic despite that.


The Partials series I don't think are as good, but they're also very different so I'm not sure they can exactly be compared. I find the whole pheromone system fascinating though, and the whole politics behind the virus.
(I've read Partials and Fragments, haven't yet got my hands on a copy of Ruins so I can't comment on that).

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Dan is one of my favorite "new" writers. John Cleaver is absolutely brilliant, and I recommend the books to anyone I can; finished each of them in less than a day, because I literally could not put them down.

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