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All known dead shards are pro-unshattering of Adonalsium


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We know several dead shards now, mostly killed by the joint effort of Odium and Autonomy: Devotion, Dominion, Honor and Ambition. Now, I think they're all pro unshattering of the Aldonasium by their intent.

Ambition: it is a proper ambition for a shard to want to be the whole, and the only whole Adonalsium. For a shard, he is almost at the top of the hierarchy of sentient beings. If he can have any real ambition to go up, it should be to be the only one at the top.

Dominion: being at the top he can dominate his now peers.

Devotion: well, it requires devotion to sacrifice your shardity to make a whole Adonalsium.

Honor: he was all about uniting the others when he was talking to Dalinar. Strictly speaking, we don't know who he wanted Dalinar to unite, the Rosharians, or the other shards.

In my opinion, it is very cultivating to grow a new Adonalsium from 1 or a few more shards. I think before Odium killed Honor, and the other dead shards, Honor was working with Cultivation to try to grow back Adonlsium, probably from Honor himself, without shardic investiture from other shards. The other dead shards may have helped, but in other ways. Odium and Autonomy don't want a whole Aldolnasium, understandably, so they killed Honor, and other shards who was sympathetic to the effort.

Endowment should not care much about the growing back, but she will definitely give help if asked.

Ruin will definitely not help, and may work with Odium to do damage if he had the time. Preservation should want to preserve the current situation, which is a shattered Adolnasium. But Harmony, though, may want a whole Adonalsium, as his intent is different from Ruin and Preservation both. So after he was in power for some time, an attack from another world began.

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Autonomy's participation is still speculation at this point, as are the correct interpretations of the Intents of most of the Splintered Shards, but I don't think any of the Shardic Intents inherently tend towards reunification into one whole, as for their original Yolish Vessels, that's once again highly speculative as we don't know anything substantial about them.

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Valhalla (paraphrased)

Did Odium Splinter all the Shards for the same reason?

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

No. Some Shards he Splintered because he feared the Shard itself, and some Shards he targeted because he feared the Vessel. He was working his way down his list in order of the Shards and Vessels he felt would be most dangerous to his plans until he got stuck on Roshar.

Idaho Falls signing (Dec. 29, 2016)

I think what you are sensing is the fact that the more aggressive shards are surviving and splintering their more passive companions.  This is something like a cycle of violence.


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Odium has gone after the Shards he's most worried about (Ambition) and ones he can justify as violating the not-an-Oath the Shards kinda sorta made (D&D, Honor and Cultivation) and one can argue that D&D were probably near the top of the list regardless as Dominion is potentially dangerous in the same way that Ambition was and Devotion is about as close to an opposite Shard as any so taking out those two was probably always going to be a priority even if Aona and Skai hadn't settled on the same world.

Since we know that Uli Da was first on the hit list and at least some of the Vessels aren't shedding any tears at her death, it's extremely unlikely that she had any interest in reforming Adonalsium; all indications are that she got exactly the Shard that fit her and was perfectly happy with the power she gained as a result. Brandon's classification of Ambition as mono-Black in MTG is pretty telling.

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