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Let the Journey Begin!

Virtual Mayhem

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So, if you look at my tagline/signature, you will see that I have a progress report meter detailing where I currently am in my current project.  And if you read the words there you will see that I am in the process of writing the first manuscript.  I'm currently a few thousands words in and have been for about a month now.  But school is finally over and I will have a good deal of time on my hands over the summer and so I plan to throw myself over the cliff and begin writing in earnest, with the goal of having a first draft completed by August 14th, the day before I return to school.


I have a plan for how I will go about achieving this.  I know myself and how I work, and so I know that I need to enforce a routine on myself.  I have already spent a few months outlining the plot and building the world and magic system.  I will spend at least 1 hour every day writing, but I am shooting for 2-3 hours per day, with the exception of weekends.  Basically, I will pretend to be a "professional" writer to some extent.


Now you're all probably asking yourselves, "Great, but why is this on here?"  And my answer is that I need some more motivation than internal motivation.  So, I hope that at least one person will remember to hold me to my promise and occasionally ask me where I am in the novel.  And should I not finish I would expect that someone would make a suitable amount of fun of me.


tl;dr: I plan to write a first draft over the summer and I want to tell people so I feel a desire to please my peers and finish.  Peer pressure can be manipulated for good!

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You better hop to it, my patience is wearing thin! (jk) :)

I definitely understand where you're coming from. Knowing there is someone willing to read your work makes is a lot easier to find motivation.

Is this particular piece the story in which you have lots of 'gods' or somesuch? I like the concept. From mythology to fiction like Warbreaker, seeing a story from the perspective of a deity provides interesting opportunities.

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No, that was someone else with all the gods, mine focuses on 3 characters from the same village who witness a horrifying event and have wildly different reactions. The magic system is based on nature and comes from a user's ability to meld mentally with nature around them. The converse (don't wanna say evil) magic system is based on pain and uses technology to focus and enhance the nature magic because the nature magic all but disappeared many years ago...until now at least. The setting is a classical greece inspired world, but with steam punk elements

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Sounds like a really cool project! Classical Greece mixed with steampunk... that's enough to earn an upvote any day.


Now I suppose I should get back to my duties, as given to me by Virtual Mayhem in the opening post. Ahem, get back to work! Novels don't write themselves! ;)

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You gotta have a horrible first draft before you can have an awesome story. So the more you work on that draft, the quicker you get to a) the fun stuff of writing and b.) making awesome story.


What also just occured to me, try imagine reader reactions as they read each scene and are overwhelmed by the sheer breathtaking amazingness of what your story will be. Because one of the best things is when you show someone something you've written and they get all excited about it. And imagining that will maybe get you excited to keep going!


Also....so I'm a hypocrite and I'm really bad at this one. But write regularly. The story then kind of invades your brain and forces your to write it, but if you leave it for too long you get apathetic and that's when it sits on a shelf for months.


That's it. You're out of excuses. Now go write.

Which I totally didn't shamelessly rip off anywhere we might possibly know about..... :rolleyes: 

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