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American Fork High School Signing


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Brandon went to American Fork High School today, and @blackout8444 was super amazing and kind enough to write down the questions (We didn't think it'd be a great idea to record minors heh). Here we go and thanks again!


Q: Is it possible for a Physical being to exist in the Spiritual Realm like they can in the Cognitive?

A: Yes, but it’s weird. So, yes, but big asterisk.


Q: Give me a random piece of Cosmere/Investiture related info.

A: There is a planet with the corpse of a dead god on it.


Q: Would it be possible to use a soul stamp to give or take Allomancy?

A: Not under normal circumstances. The amount of Investiture required to do so would effectively short-circuit the stamp.


Q: You told me at the Starsight release that Adonalsium was preventing the creation of Spren-based Fabrials before the Shattering. Was this intentional on his part?

A: It wasn’t exactly intentional. Adonalsium wanted something else for the magic of Roshar, and before the Shattering, the way he perceived things was the way that the magic was. He wasn’t directly trying to stop Fabrials, but it was because of an intentional desire on his part.


Q: Would Allomancers born twins or triplets have the same metals?

A: It is more likely, but not 100%. Note: Brandon later mentioned that the question was not specific on identical twins, triplets, etc. and RAFOed further prodding.


Q: Is there anything in specific that made Stick special, or was Shallan just bad at Soulcasting?

A: No, Stick is just a regular stick. Shallan was just bad.


Q: Would a Shardblade hurt a Kandra?

A: A Shardblade would not kill a Kandra outright, but it would do significant damage.


Q: Can a Highstorm recharge sand from Taldain, and would that sand be charged with Stormlight or would it be masterable?

A: It would recharge the sand, and it would be masterable not Stormlight.

Q: Does Hoid have a favorite type of Investiture?

A: Probably, Lightweaving.


Q: When will we learn more about the Cognitive Anomaly on Nalthis?



Q: What would happen if Nightblood was drawn in the Spiritual Realm?

A: Trademark, REALLY bad thing.


Q: Will Moash worldhop?



Q: Does Earth still exist in Skyward?



Q: Will we ever get to see a Kelsier vs. Kaladin showdown?



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This one was also posted by @blackout8444 in Discord at the same time, but conversation separated it from the others.


Q: Would you be able to get any kind of additional power from burning a Hemalurgic spike?
A: There would be power there, but you wouldn’t be able to access it. Like burning someone else’s metalmind.


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6 minutes ago, Ookla the Prolific said:

The answer to this one is yes BTW.  Thank you to all those who both asked and recorded.

What do you mean? According to the Starsight archive, Earth disappeared a long time ago.


“No,” he said. “I got it from the Starsight information archive. There’s a great deal in here about Old Earth, from before it vanished—more than the fragmented databases your people have.”


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