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Best Misting in Era 2?


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I was thinking about the benefits of being various types of mistings, and I was wondering what you all thought: What kind of misting is it best to be in Era 2? Personally I think being a steel burner is the most versatile option, but electrum seems interesting too. Pewter is always useful, and I could see someone going far with zinc or brass. Allomancer Jak shows us just how great Tin can be, especially when combined with some broadsheets exaggeration. 

So what do you think? What's the best misting in Era 2?

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I think I'm with Brandon here in that A-Steel in a late 19th/early 20th century setting would be awesome. All that metal to push off... and A-Steel's a pretty handy power to have regardless of the setting since you can use it for travel and combat, plus more creative uses like what Ranette does with switches only an allomancer can activate.

After that... actually there are lots of times that I've found myself wishing I had A-Cadmium so I could skip boring stuff and speed up the arrival of stuff I'm looking forward to, like an event, a new book or game release or whatever. I'm pretty certain you could build a business around offering that service to other people. And given how much technological progress is currently going on, the appeal of being able to time-capsule yourself is awfully tempting. I wonder if Scadrian financial institutions have worked out rules for how to deal with clients who can engage in a limited form of one-way time travel?

Oh, and like you say A-Electrum could be a pretty useful power. Hopefully in the absence of atium we'll see some future mistings who are able to push that metal's capabilities more than what we saw in Era 1 and do neat things with it.

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