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Hello peoples

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Hey Quibble.  Just in case you don't know, it's Kaladin from discord.  Welcome to the shard.  I hope you enjoy it here.

Here's a quick guide on everything here:  General Brandon Discussion is a good place to go to talk about anything Sanderson, General Cosmere discussion is a great, spoiler-free, place to post theories or talk about the cosmere.  I would avoid subforums on books you haven't read, as they're full of spoilers.  As far as forum games go, The Last Post Wins is a great place to do spammy things without the mods noticing :ph34r:.  I suppose you could also go with The Longest Thread, but The Last Post Wins is better.  I created it though, so I am biased.  As far as role-playing goes, the Alleyverse is the best place to do that.  Any questions about it I'm willing to answer, as it can be a confusing place.  

Hope you enjoy your time here, and welcome again to the shard!

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Welcome to the Shard, Quibble! 

1. The Longest Thread is better.

2. If you scroll down on the forums page, you will come across the RP Forum. One of the Subforums is the Alleyverse. That, or you can follow the link that is in the signature of most the members.

3. Quick tip: When you're editing a post, remember to use the reasons box (You'll know what I mean when you start to edit).

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