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Who is Balwer?

Turin Turambar

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Sebban Balwer was simply the true Spymaster of Pedron Niall (The Lord Captain Commander of the Children of Light), he was incredibly competent- and disapproved of Eamon Valda's coup, so he threw in his lot with Morgase, and later with Perrin. Somehow I doubt that he was a Hero of the Horn- but ya never know (at least until he dies, and the Horn is blown) 

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Yeah, if you go back to the early chapters with Niall you'll see how he has meetings with Balwer and another Whitecloak named Abdel Omerna. The latter is the official spymaster and while he's very good at gathering gossip he's completely incompetent at distinguishing the useful/true gossip from worthless nonsense. Anyhow, he was the decoy who let Balwer do all the real spying without being suspected, under the cover of being merely Niall's secretary. The downside of this (for the Whitecloaks at least) is that since literally nobody else knew this they dismissed him as being unimportant once Niall was gone. That freed him up to join Morgase and ultimately Perrin, making it an upside for Team Light in the long run.

Speaking of the Horn, it's mentioned that Omerna spent large amounts of the Whitecloak's money buying what was claimed to be the Horn of Valere. Multiple times.

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