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Hey guys. I’m way into the Cosmere. Read everything at least a couple of times over, and Stormlight far more, during the last few years and I think the lore, speculation, and theories here are really rad. I’ve browsed Coppermind, and recently got into Shardcast which turned me on to 17thshard. I’m psyched to join what seems like a pretty cool community.

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Well, hi and welcome to the place you were supposed to be since your first read of the cosmere. Because if you are as fond of Brandon's work as you say you are, then you'll love this community!!!

I've only been here for a few months (and just recently made a user for myself) and the people and topics are amazing.

Would you mind telling what your favourite character is? And maybe tell us which magic system you are most interested in?

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The character I enjoy reading the most is a tie between Jasnah and Szeth. They’re both pretty mysterious and I’m interested in their back stories.  I’d have to say that Allomancy is my favorite magic system now. Mostly because of how fleshed out Brandon has made it along with Fuerochemy. That might change as more is revealed of other systems.

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6 minutes ago, InvestitureAddict said:

Definitely Jasnah’s. Unfortunately I will have to wait quite a while. Luckily Szeth’s will be here relatively soon.

Definitely true, both about the wait and optimism on Szeth's book.

Ironically, we were supposed to already have Szeth's book (it was supposed to be 3) but I'm fine with him swapping it for Dalinar's book.

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