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Poor man’s pewter?


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That is the correct allomantic ratio, yes. However, there are two reasons the answer to your question is 'no'.

First, if you want those metals to mix you're talking about drinking molten metal. That's going to kill you long before you can do anything with it allomantically. For the record, tin melts at 232 Celsius, which is about four times hotter than you'd generally want to drink your morning tea. Lead melts at around 327 Celsius.

Second, the metal actually has to mix and alloy in order to stop being tin and lead and start being pewter, both physically and in Realmatic terms. That's not happening on the way down your esophagus into your stomach and even if you had some other power like F-Gold to keep you alive through the process, your body is not a crucible, the metals won't alloy properly in that environment and even if some of the molten tin and lead did stay molten long enough to meet somewhere inside you, they wouldn't be in the right ratios any longer.

So basically, what you have is less 'poor man's pewter' and more 'a gruesome way to commit suicide'.

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To add to what the others have said, we know they have to be melted to properly alloy, since a Mistborn can drink a mix that contains both tin and copper and still get those abilities, and you have to include actual Bronze (3:1 copper to tin ratio) too.

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