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It kind of depends on the definition of Voidspren you are using, it's still a bit fuzzy.  Corrupted spren definitely can, if bonded to a radiant, just like normal spren. I dont think any spren can do it without the Nahel Bond. 

EDIT: to clarify why I say it's still fuzzy.  There are the "spren" involved in the Fused, but those where originally Singer souls that got warped by Odium into spren-like beings that can bind Singers during a Highstorm similar to their normal Form-granting bonds (as opposed to the Radiant Nahel Bond).  There are also Corrupted Spren that are normal spren who have been changed by the unmade Sja-anat.  There may or may not be any spren that are more purely of Odium, as I believe the spren granting the Forms of Power for Regals are also Currupted Spren (but I could be mistaken).

Renarin's Glys is a corrupted Spren that has formed a Nahel Bond and can indeed turn into a shardblade.

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55 minutes ago, Eris said:

From what I read in the books, it sounds like Voidspren give the user a surge to use. However there has been no mention of a Singer using a Shardblade

Yeah, if they can, we definitely haven't seen it so far on screen, I'm pretty sure. Also the thing about one surge at a time is correct, I'm pretty sure. I'll check the coppermind...

UPDATE: I checked but it didn't say anything definitive on it. There was no mention of orders, however, and talked about the surges we've seen manipulated but fused individually. 

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Im pretty sure the Nahel Bond is the key with that, and the only Voidspren we've seen form one is the Glys, who does turn into a blade. The Regals and Fused that get a single surge only are, by best guess, actually being used as living Fabrials, rather than full Surgebinding and/or Voidbinding, with the spren residing in the singer's gemheart rather than accomplishing it via a Nahel Bond. 

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The Shardblades happen when a Spren is so hightly tied to the physical (thanks to the bond of a certain strenght with the knight) to be able to fully manifest into the PR.

Voidspren for now didn't exibited ever a bond of that intensity to allow this.
Notice this is true for a true large array of Splinters not only the Rosharan one

WoB as reference (little Elantris spoiler in the wob):


Sir Jerric

Could a Seon or a Skaze turn into some sort of Shardblade on their home planet?

Brandon Sanderson

That is theoretically possible.  They work under the same fundamentals but they would need to have something to pull them more into the physical realm.  



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