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Ive Always wondered about this one


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Interesting, I didn't notice his Shin looks before, but I think you're right.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I suspect him of being a traitor, or evil, or something weird... if you check, which chapters have Nalan's face (= the serious-looking guy in the unornate hood, on right side of http://brandonsanderson.com/images/wok/tWoK_ENDSHEET-FRONT-1-webres.jpg), you'll see that in each of them something really bad / sad happens usually (always? don't remember) some kind of a treason.

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Also, I suspect the Heralds wouldn't fit into any of the modern races.

This. By the time of the so-called-but-not-really last desolation, the Heralds were already really, really old. Macroscopic species don't change much on that type of time-scale, but races certainly do.

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